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Twinkies coming back to shelves.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Twinkie. An American icon. The thing that was said would last past the end of the world.

Apparently it's company had gone bankrupt twice and the last time they just couldn't come back from it because they just couldn't come to a compromise with the union.

It was bought out by a new company and will be coming back to shelves next week. It will come back with a longer shelf life and be made by non-union labor.

It will be back with twice the shelf life. I wonder what they added to make it last on the shelf longer? It was never a health food to begin with, but shelf life extenders are never good for our bodies, so I wonder how much worse it will be when we eat them again? It's probably one of those things that are poisoning our bodies slowly over time.

Also, going to non-union labor means that their labor is paid less and probably with fewer benefits that the people that were striking. No unions mean worse working conditions.

But at least that means you get your Twinkies for cheap! They are coming back with the same price they had when they left! They'll still be the oily cream filled cakes they were!

If you're going to have a Twinkie, buy the single serve pack and eat only that. I know when I buy the multi-packs of treats, I eat the whole thing. Single-serve is the way to have your cake and eat it too.


How it's made:

Today's Holidays: Teddy Bear Picnic Day, emoticon International Smiley Face Day emoticon , Don't Step on a Bee Day, Nikola Tesla's Birthday 1856 (without whom we would not be here talking, thanks to his current idea), Pick Blueberries Day (Just in time for Blueberry Muffin Day tomorrow) and National Pina Colada Day. (Sorry, I still don't know how to make the fancy letters on my computer.)

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
COREY195 7/12/2013 10:15PM

    Twinkies have preservatives If you eat Twinkies then you will be preserved deep thoughts

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FLGIRL1234 7/11/2013 10:23AM

    Makes me laugh at all those people that went nuts buying them up at ridiculous prices because they "were going to be gone forever" I haven't had a Hostess product since I was in High School (a very long time ago...hahaha) so I didn't miss them at all.

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PAMNANGEL 7/10/2013 11:29PM

    Never was a big fan of Twinkies, but loved the cupcakes. Didn't get them often, so they were a treat. Still don't have them often. Maybe once or twice a year at most.

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KAREN608 7/10/2013 9:04PM

    First: the Don't Step on a Bee day is so funny!
My Mom, years ago, was hanging out the wash or taking it in
and felt a buzzing under her shoe. She was not sure if she
should move or not. No sting involved. No bees hurt.

Twinkies. They do not tempt me. They always seemed
greasy on the outside. We could bake a better thing
at home if we decide on a cake to eat. Convenience
foods are not that tasty compared to real food! The
cupcakes are like plastic also. The only one I liked
as a child was Suzy Qs. Just cake n cream.

I think Twinkies could be the next secret weapon.
Give tons of them to terrorists, they will get a sugar
high, then get sleepy and bloated & have to go off
to rest. Then eat more twinkies. Soon they will be
500 lbs and no danger to anyone.

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DESERTJULZ 7/10/2013 7:45PM

    Interesting. Does not impact me one way or the other as I never considered eating them!

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  I haven't had a Twinkie for a long time, because, really, who can justify those nutrition numbers? Anyway, Twinkies, when unwrapped and placed around the outside of a single layer chocolate cake (like spokes of a wheel) make an awesome looking sunflower cake. Great for serving large crowds.

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TXTOAD9970 7/10/2013 4:01PM

    I never was a big fan of Twinkies. I like Tasty Cakes if you have ever heard of them. It used to be you could only find them in the northeast (I am originally from Pennsylvania), but my local grocery store here in Texas sells them now. It's a very BAD thing! LOL
Now, I could go for a Pina Colada right about now! Is it happy hour yet??

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KERRIELYNN719 7/10/2013 3:19PM

    Very interesting to know they were coming back....

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TRUCKERSMRS 7/10/2013 1:47PM

    Sorry to show my ignorance but I've just had to Google Twinkies!
We've not had the "pleasure" of Twinkies in the UK that I know of but I am sure we have things that are equal in culinary status!
Some things that come to mind from my childhood :
Arctic Roll - ice cream, covered in jam and rolled in a layer of cake sponge.
Boil in the Bag Fish in Various gelatinous sauces.
Pop Tarts - some sort or jam filled tart that you put in the toaster and then burnt your mouth with!
Breaded Crispy Pancakes allegedly filled with various meat concoctions!
Toast Topper - a spread in a tin, various "flavours" of goo that you put on your toast and grill!
The list could be much longer!!


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ALL4BMI 7/10/2013 1:42PM

    I gained all my weight (about 24 kgs!) when I moved to the US for approx 5 years. I still have 10 kgs remaining to lose.
Of the 24 kgs I gained, I attribute 2kgs to Twinkies and another 3kg to Krispy Kremes.

I am so glad that Twinkies are not sold in India - but Krispy Kremes apparently are, but I have not looked up if they are available in my city. I just cannot resist them.

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KAT321123 7/10/2013 1:37PM

    I thought Twinkies already had a crazy long shelf-life! Yikes!

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TRUCKERWIFE2 7/10/2013 12:50PM

    Kinda makes me glad dd can't eat those things. Not sure if dh will buy some at the store. I found as I got older the taste seemed blander. Having Hostess closing has been a mixed blessing for my family. No bread store for a while and it was replaced with a Franz store. Franz makes a very good gf bread and Hamburger buns which I would never have found out had Hostess stayed open. Good luck to whoever is making them. A lot of people are hooked on them and twice the shelf life scares me. emoticon

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CLESHER 7/10/2013 12:37PM

    Hmmm wonder if the twinkie defense will be coming back too...?

Pina Colada that is something I wanna celebrate...


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RODGRODMEDFLOD 7/10/2013 11:46AM

    Well I learned a few things this morning, thanks!

Don't think I've ever had a twinkie, so don't know what I'm missing.


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ALIHIKES 7/10/2013 11:44AM

    I had to laugh when I read your blog about twinkies returning to the shelf! I DID hear on the radio that they are extending the shelf life by freezing them -- so look for them in the frozen food section! Once I went to the county fair and a booth was selling fried twinkies on a stick. As if they needed a way to make them even more unhealthy!!

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GOSPARK45 7/10/2013 11:42AM

    Luckily I never cared for Twinkies. However those chocolate cupcakes with the cream inside....
One way they've extended the shelf life is to send them frozen if the merchant wants them that way. The shelf life was only 3-4 weeks before. Who knew? Everyone thought they kept forever.
I think my dog got stung (or bitten) yesterday. She was going for the Frisbee in the clover and all of a sudden she was limping. It got better after 10 minutes. I was worried since we had a long walk back to the car. So she beat Don't Step On a Bee Day by one day.
Have a great day!

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