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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I've got some big stressors going on---it's life. Sometimes we're flying and sometimes we're slogging.

Right now, I'm slogging.

But not entirely emoticon

I'm proud to report that I'm not falling into my pre-wls coping patterns of excess: binge eating, frantic activity, micro cleaning and other destructive activities that wear me down.

These days, I'm making it a point to find SOMETHING good/funny/comforting/positive in each wave of dreck. emoticon

I'm reading & posting on SP emoticon

I'm being extra vigilant in making sure I take care of myself first: that means taking my vitamins, eating regularly, eating healthy foods, getting all my targeted protein and drinking water. Getting all the walking and stair climbing I can. Napping each day.

On the especially hard days I've been known to nap 2-3 HOURS (!) I'm sleeping ok at night, so I've decided to put that in my back pocket and will analyze what the napping is about at a later date :)

Standard stuff, I know. But it's weird. These days, I'm finding that I DONT WANT TO EAT emoticon I've had times where I've actually had to MAKE myself eat some food because it's been HOURS and HOURS since I've given my body some nourishment. Yikes! Could this be some kind of control issue??? At this stage in my life, I really can't believe I'm starting to be anexoric.

To make my eating experience more 'attractive', I'm listening to what my body wants and finding a RNY-Friendly food.

I've written ALOT about my passion for HOT skinny mocha coffee drinks emoticon I've always limited them to first thing in the a.m. Now when my body says 'COFFEE!! NOW!!!', I let myself have it- but it is decaf, sf, ff and in small cups.

I satisfy my salty junk food craving with almonds. I like the habenero flavored ones - taste just like bbq chips!

I've discovered the joy of beef jerky. emoticon I choose the softest pieces and chew, chew, chew away. Then I chew some more. Anything too chewy or stringy goes to the doggies emoticon

Frozen Greek Yogurt bars are my go-to for sweet cravings. I like Yoplait and Weight Watchers best. Lowest calories (80 or 90 per bar) and sugars with 4 gr protein each. When I've been especially 'needy', I've allowed myself to splurge and have 2 of them! emoticon

Comfort without guilt! WHAT A CONCEPT!! emoticon
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