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Have you ever...

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Okay, I need to let off more steam but I will wait a day or two to do that blog. For now, I'm going write a blog that will hopefully be a happier blog. emoticon

Have you ever...

...petted a wild fox??
...petted an armadillo??
...petted a bumblebee??

NO?! You've probably never met anyone that has ever done any of these either then! You've obviously never met my DH nor anyone like him then as well.

You see there was a time when we were both in college still and we were visiting a friend from college. He was living with his parents in the suburbs on the eastern edge of the city. It's no longer the eastern edge now. Anyway, they had a wild fox that would always come around at night. So they started putting out a hard boiled egg for it at night. My DH had the idea that he'd put it out there and wait for him / her to come around. Then slowly over time he'd put the hard boiled egg closer and closer to him. Never making eye contact with it of course. One night, around midnight or so, the fox went to get the egg and DH reached out and petted it. It jumped backwards like 10 feet. He / she got the egg but DH got to pet it. emoticon He said it felt super soft. He said it felt softer than a rabbit.

Then there was this one winter a few years ago when my FIL invited us over for homemade chili. We were pulling up to where we normally park beside his car. There was an armadillo standing there. So, DH backed up to where he could shine his lights on it. It didn't care and continued as if were weren't there. So, DH got out thinking it would run off but it didn't. What would any reasonable person do? Try to scare it off or something; not my DH! Nope, he decided to pet it. He said it felt like a fuzzy basketball! That's when the armadillo decided he'd had enough and went sauntering off into the woods. My FIL had told us that they carry leprosy. We didn't believe him though because...well, my FIL tells us conspiracy theories all the time. Later that evening DH googled it and sure enough they do. The good thing is that unless your like from India, you are immune to getting leprosy. emoticon Yep, that's my hubby for you!

Another time, we were sitting out on the patio one summer several years ago. This bumble bee decided to land on my DH. It just sat there for the longest time. So, again, what would any rational person do?? Probably not try to pet it! My hubby did pet it though and it actually liked it!! It kept arching up or pushing it's back end up every time my DH petted it! emoticon

There was one other time though, a couple of years ago, when he was sitting out on the patio at dusk talking to a friend on the phone. One of the half dozen or so wild rabbits that come into the yard to eat the grass came up to my DH and acted like it wanted to pet him!! It was a momma rabbit and she put her foot out like she was going to pet him but then she changed her mind and went back into the yard to eat with her baby. Now that was a bit strange. emoticon

He's petted other bugs and they liked it too! Yep, my hubby is the king of petting things most rational people wouldn't try to pet! emoticon
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