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Monday, July 08, 2013

I am sitting here listening to the baby birds chirping to each other as they are learning to fly outside my window. Such a happy little sound on this bright sunny day! emoticon

I am also hoping that none of them land on the ground where my cat is waiting to pounce

I have had a few slips this past week, but managed to curtail them by grabbing an apple or carrots. One evening I went way over calorie allowances but am happy to report that it was all apples and carrots! Five big carrots at that. Not sure why I experienced that, but there it is.

So I am feeling fairly confident about weighing in on wednesday.

A friend dropped off three tops for me, saying you know, you have been losing weight and these are too young for me....they really are cute and I am hanging on to them. I can get them on, yes, but, far too snug for my tastes. I do not like clothes snug, and especially if you sit down and they show every roll your belly has, especially when clothing is tight enough to make an extra roll or two appear! heaven forbid! But they will be good incentive to achieve more weight loss!

I was at a charity event selling Marmalade for the Lions club the other day and across from our stall was the Kiwanas club with a garage sale. A small sparkling white cabinette caught my eye, about waist high. I suppose it was for a microwave, which I don't have, but it looked perfect to hold some plants at window level in my house, so I bought it for $10

A friend brought it home for me, very kind of them to do so, and then she even helped me get it inside. Wonderful! So I spent the afternoon unloading a bigger dark brown clunky cabinette and was amazed when I got it all into and on the smaller nice white one! Perfect again!

When I changed places with these two, the whole corner brightened up dramatically and the plants were bathing in the light from the window! It also didn't take up as much room width wise and allowed me to place a bigger plant between it and my computer desk, which in turn made a more comfortable space for the dining room table in front of the big window, which in turn, gives more light on the table where I paint! emoticon

I am such a happy camper when ideas come together so perfectly! What more could I ask for, for $10 bucks?

Tomorrow, another event. We are taking clothing to a seniors facility, to give away. A combined effort of my church and the Lions club. It is something we started last year, collecting clothes that no one wants anymore and distributing them through the community for free. There are several thrift shops here but we fouind they were getting too greedy, raising their prices so that people on limited income had to really think about buying...whats the point of that?

People would rather buy a t shirt brand new for 10-12 bucks than buy a used one for 5-7 bucks, At least, that is the way I think and what I was actually doing.

This program has been working out very well for both groups. We are filling a need and helping people stretch their dollars. And in return, these same people are donating clothes they no longer use too! So it works real well for both sides of this coin.

There are several people like myself included, that swap clothes as they lose weight. What a bonus! We can look good at every size we come to now! Before, I used to wear clothes til they fell off me in rags or size whichever came first. Now everything fits properly, all the time.

The only things that I don't take from there, underwear. I can not stand the thought of used bras and panties. Probably just a quirk on my part, but that is the way it is.

So thats my yak for this morning! How are you all doing this week?
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    Thanks for the thoughts and chat Ima!

    I too, don't get the way some people are about designer clothing.My chum is into designer stuff

    I remember when she bought some designer jeans , on sale for $175 .....I looked at them shocked and told her I would just go tothe thrift shop and get a worn pair for the label and sew it on to cheap new jeans ...she was horrified with me (LOLOL)
    fortunately I dont wear jeans so I don't have to put up with her scrutiny to see if I just sewed a tag on cheap jeans lolol

    I just dont get the fascination of designer clothing.some of it looks like it should be cheap, in my opinion.

    I use clothing that I like, is comfortable and well wearing. And these days hand me downs, like I said. Saves a lot of money in the clothing department when losing weight, thats for sure!

    Nice that MrV brings in flowrers from the garden! Nice thought that brightens up the home.
    have a pleasant evenning and god bless!.

    1692 days ago
    I like being able to picture your days, Bear!

    I think that the new to you cabinet was a gift from the Lord. He knew exactly what you could use, at the price you had to spare, so He saw to it that you were blessed with it. He, also, knew that you would need the help getting it home & supplied willing friends to help. I am always blessed to learn how our Abba has worked - even to getting new cabinets into a home. Having your table near the window where you paint is pure "bonus blessing"!

    I am with you on the very thought of wearing hand-me-down underclothes. On the other hand, I am always so very thankful to get hand-me-down clothing. That hasn't happened often though. I actually have only four pieces of hand-me-down clothing - one of which is a much used & appreciated long tunic or maybe more along the line of a wide-sweep lounger. It was given to me when I was pregnant with our youngest & I have worn it all throughout the years. I just does not seem to wear out & the neatest thing is that it does not need ironing. I do not know what the material is - if I did I would want to buy some & have some more garments made. The other thing I enjoy is that it is a one size fits all - so no matter my weight, I have been able to wear it comfortably. Now that is one super hand-me-down! One other hand-me-down is a windbreaker jacket that had been my brother's - after he died thirty-seven years ago - our Mom asked me if I wanted to have it. I am forever thankful to have it. I have only worn it a few times; however, it hangs in my closet where I see it often & for some strange reason it gives me comfort. The other hand-me-down is a lovely suit that a gal gave to me. She had dropped weight & no longer wanted it. Actually, it was always too large for me, but I liked to wear it to church on occasion. Just this past week, I went through clothing & packed away the larger sizes to donate to a church rummage sale. The church has a room where all donations are stored until the time of the sale. It used to be in August, but was changed to April. I like the idea of not having to store the boxes until next April. emoticon The other is not technically a hand-me-down - rather, it was a sample blouse that a friend's daughter used when she went around to department stores getting orders for her company. It is really pretty. One day the friend came to Bible study with it for me & one for another gal. Actually, the one she gave me was the prettiest! I felt honored that she chose it for me. The other gal kept looking over at it as if she wanted to make a quick switch. emoticon Although it was my size at the time, it was a bit tight for my liking to begin with; however, it now fits perfectly. It has a pink, white, & black pattern (mostly pink) & looks so great with a pair of black dress pants & a pink jacket that I have. I've only worn it to church occasions - it is rather fancy. Maybe the next time we have dinner out with friends I will wear it.

    As you probably guessed, I am, also, on your page concerning overly tight clothing. I do not like to feel confined.

    I like the idea of getting clothing to folks who need it, but would find it hard to find the money to buy it. I do think that the thrift shops may seem greedy; however, they may have a lot of expenses that we don't know about.

    In the past I would give a friendly acquaintance rides to get shopping done (she has since moved away) & quite often she would want to go to a Thrift Shop. We had fun looking & once I found a small vase that I liked. I keep it for when my MrV brings in a flower for me - from one of his flowerbeds. It is just the right size for such endearing offerings. emoticon The gal would look at the clothing & at times would find something she wanted to purchase. I remembering seeing garments with tags still on them. I can't remember giving much notice to the prices the Thrift Shop was asking; however, I do remember being behind a gal in line & she was so happy because she had found a gold lame designer jacket for something like thirty dollars - she remarked that new it would cost a lot more. I couldn't see why she was so happy - it looked quite worn to me - still, I am not in the know about designer clothing. I was happy that she was so thrilled with her find.

    Well, this gal has some lettuce that needs washing & spinning, so I will stop with all this chatter for this time.

    God bless you, Bear!

    1692 days ago
    Yes, it is good to be busy!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments ladies! Always a pleasure to see you
    1692 days ago
    Busy, Busy!! I always believed in passing things on and I hardly throw anything away except for those in really bad shape. Waste not, want not!!
    1692 days ago
  • LGAR519
    You are one busy person. Good for you. It"s good to keep busy. And you are involved in such worthwhile activities. I'm getting busier too. I might blog about it later. Not enough hours in the day. And I love it!
    1692 days ago
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