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Completed Week 1 of 12: The Ultimate Female Fitness Program

Monday, July 08, 2013

Wow...can't believe that I finished Week 1 of this program and started Week 2 this morning. I am liking this program...working different parts of the body on different days. I like how it incorporates 3 rest days which you can use to schedule some kind of cardio 1-3 days per week. We as women spend too to much time focusing on cardio exercises and not lifting...whether it be with weights or body weight. I've seen better results and a reshaping of my body with lifting and I LOVE it.

This is a recap of last week's workouts.

Mon - First day of a 12-week heavy lifting program called The Ultimate Female Training Guide. I am co-admin of a group we named TUFF. Today was upper body dumbbells and exercise ball done in 60 mins. Weights in use: 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20 lb sets

Tues - Week 1/Day 2: completed lower body exercise in approximately 55 minutes which included a few minutes for a warm-up & cool-down. I updated the original TUFF exercises with some alternatives. I changed out the Leg Extensions for Dumbbell Rear Lunge and changed out the Lying Leg Raise w/Hip Thrust for Dumbbell Side Bend to work my obliques. I was able to determine my weight size starting point when this workout comes up again next Tuesday, too. Great session this morning!
Dumbbell set in use: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25

Wed – Week1/Day 3: It was an HIIT day and I elected to do CLX Extreme Cardio ‘Burn It Off!’ DVD (27 mins). It ignites your metabolism with super-intense cardio moves. This advanced routine combines plyometrics (I modified the Burpees), high intensity intervals, and unique cardio exercises for a total body, fat blasting workout. I used a single 5 pound dumbbell doing those Lateral Lunges w/Lateral Raises. There is a one minute break between the first 5 and last 6 set of exercises.

Thu - It’s July 4th!!! And, I completed Week1/Day 4 of TUFF Upper Body B using weight ranges 10, 11.25, 12.5, 13.75, and 15 pound dumbbells. I was sweating by the end of exercise #2 of 7…lol. I had to make weight size adjustments for good form and until I found where to max out between 8-12 reps per exercise. This will give me some idea where to begin next Thursday. I’ve notice that it is taking 24hrs for me to feel the effects of my particular workout session…great timing. I ate some greek yogurt afterwards…found a brand that I can tolerate by Activia.

I substituted the Rope Lat Pull Down for the Pull-ups and DB Hammer Curl for the DB Preacher Hammer Curl.

Fri – Week1/Day 5 of TUFF Lower Body B. Today's WO left me glistening due to the cardio effect felt lifting heavier weights than what I was accustom to for certain exercises. Those Goblet Squats were not as easy holding a weight as one would tend to think. I started with 10 pound then had to drop down to 7.5 for the last 2 sets and kind of stumbled at the end of Set 3.
I kept increasing weight for the Seated Calf Raise every set because it was too easy. I will definitely need to use a weight in excess of 40 lbs for this move.

I found that placing my hands behind the ears made doing the Back Extension on the Ball easier than my arms folded in front of the chest.

I added the Plank to my routine today.

A GOOD day and a GOOD week!

Now, on to Week 2 and will recap when it is completed. Thanks to all for being great supporters and reading this Blog.

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