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Monday blahs...

Monday, July 08, 2013

How is it already 11AM? Today has flown by mostly with me on the internet. I woke up incredibly sore today. Iím overtraining. My freakout of being near 200# has led me to jump right back into fitness like a fiend.

I already did 2 5ks... right from doing nothing. I have a giant blister on the back of my left foot because of this, but Iím surviving. I just wanted to use the treadmill while I still could. Its at my parents house so its not with me this week in Columbia. Iím back in Columbia this week.

I should back up. I had my job interview last Monday. Gave a talk to the lab, and then spent the day talking to lab members. It was a long day and I still havenít heard back. I think thatís been a blow mentally. I know last week was a holiday and a lot of people were gone, but I havenít heard back either yay or nay for this post-doc. What hurts more is that I turned down a different post-doc because I thought this one would be better for me. The other one involved a lot of mouse surgeries, and a 2 year commitment to study birth control. Not really my cup of tea, so although it was a job, it probably wasnít the right job for me.

So now here I am. A week after that job interview... with my approaching unemployment. Itís a little disheartening. But Iím trying to stay positive. If I am unemployed my a$$ is gonna be in a gym for 2 hours a day working out. I will be hot in my unemployment ;-)

After the job interview I was able to de-stress a bit. I didnít get much done this week. Honestly I needed a break. It was good for me. I mentioned in my last blog that TJ was finally getting in gear and working out more. Heís so gung-ho about this hockey thing its crazy. Its been his dream to play hockey again for awhile, but heís been lazy and cheap. With the open tryouts, heís finally gotten the motivation he needs to get moving. Its great. He even dropped a ton of cash on new equipment Ė heís a goalie, so everything is expensive... and its hockey... so everything is expensive.

Since he basically knows nothing about how to eat right, especially when youíre training, Iíve been trying to coach him. I got him some supplements for his joints, a multivitamin, and some B-complex vitamins Ė and I even got him to download myfitnesspal. To me this is great. Heís been doing 2-a-days with workouts. He was working out a lot, and starving himself the first few days. He thought that not eating too much would help him drop weight more quickly. Silly boys! On Friday he told me what he had been eating, and doing the math in my head I guessed 1300ish calories. Way too low for a 6í7Ē guy at ~290#! Thatís when he downloaded the app. (We were in line at the Science Center for Doctor Who Friday Ė everything sold out when we were in line!!!) When we plugged it into the app it was just over 1400 calories so my internal calorie calculator isnít too shabby! Two protein bars, and a skinny cow, and a peanut trail mix bar later Ė during the rest of the night, my crabby bf was much happier and realized that his diet wasnít going to kill him. I also gave him one of my Nalgene bottles, so heís chugging water like a fiend. Iím really proud of him.

So this is also helping me. By not cooking bad food for him, and thus not eating it myself... Iíve forced myself back on the track of healthy eating. I really needed to cut my calories, so Iím back to the 1200-1400 range. My silly boy gets twice as much food as I do. :-( Sometimes that sucks. Its really funny trying to explain nutrition to someone who is interested but has no clue. For dinner this week Iím eating taco meat on top of salads with a bit of almond cheese (non-dairy). I told him I was making lettuce cups to avoid tortillas and he was like, ďWait, now tortillas are bad too!?!Ē He was shocked. Iíve been trying to get him to reduce his carbs, and explained that corn really isnít a vegetable... He only realized what I meant once he plugged his food into his MFP app. Heís a tech guy, so I figured an app would help him to realize that bread really does have a lot of empty calories. But heís a boy Ė so he can have a sandwich with bread.

It kind of sucked on the 4th. I had already bought pork steaks and corn and potatoes... we skipped the potatoes and I ruined the pork steaks, so I wasnít that bad calorie wise. I made a cake with rumchataóit was soooo good. For the topping I made the best thing ever Ė and its healthier than frosting so I recommend it! I took one tub of sugar free cool whip and combined it with one box of sugar free cheesecake jello pudding made with skim milk. Then I topped everything with fresh berries and it was delicious! My dadís diabetic, hence all the sugar free stuff. I only ate a few pieces of it, and the cake was only an 1Ē thick, so although it was my splurge, it wasnít a bad splurge. My parents helped to finish it off before I could eat any more.

I spent the 4th night alone though. TJ went home so he could workout and go to bed early (and then was kept up by fireworks until 2am). That sucked. I really didnít plan on spending the 4th alone. So instead of a pity party I did 1:10 minutes on the treadmill at a 5% incline and did a 5k. That felt better than self-pity.

I did another 1:10 minutes on Saturday. I just felt like I had more energy once the leg shaking, too tired to stand to shower feeling went away. I went over to TJís to go play tennis.... but it was too hot, and then it started pouring, so that was out. Instead we went down to his basement and I did pilates and side bends and some minor lifting while he did squats and lifting and leg work. It was weird but nice to workout with my man. Weíve never really done that before. It was a little weird to turn down his momís food though. They made brats. I ate one, freaked out a little about the calories, so I skipped the bun. His mom gave me a look, but I just ignored it. I didnít need the carbs in a giant hardroll in addition to my brat.

Then Sunday morning I slept in. The plan was to go play tennis early, but we didnít get out until noon. By then it was near 90F, and TJ just wasnít having it. Plus I suck at tennis and he used to be really good, so he was kind of crabby with that and the heat. Heís also been overtraining, so it sucked that we were only out for a half hour, but whatever, it was better than nothing. I want to get better so we can go out and do an activity instead of just sitting around on reddit.

Now its Monday Ė Iím back in Columbia. Actively counting my calories and needing to work out.

I also reactivated my myfitnesspal account. Feel free to stalk me on there too at: saradrenk.

Iím also posting stuff on my instagram at you guessed it: saradrenk Ė I put most of my manicures and stuff on there.

I think thatís even my pinterest account.... so feel free to digitally stalk me elsewhere.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I work out with my man too. Its a nice feeling to know someone is there & you're not doing it alone. Yeah we need to do different things but again its nice to have company. He's no hokey player but we both want to get fit & be healthier.

    i laughed with about the whole tortilla/corn isn't a vegetable thing. its taken alot for me to get my man into healthy food/cooking he doesn't use oil/butter/cream in EVERYTHING he cooks! yay! hahah what would they do if they didn't have us right??!
    1205 days ago
  • NEEDBU66
    Glad you roped in the BF. Nice to have a pal to converse in the same language. Signed by hubby up with the fitbit and started his Sparkpeople account. He will wear the fitbit. But will he do the sparkpeople? Time will tell!
    1205 days ago
    I digitally stalk you on tumblr.
    1205 days ago
  • MINEA999
    I hope your job comes through - don't panic, it was a holiday last week.

    And if it doesn't, there's nothing wrong with being hot in your unemployment! You go girl!
    1205 days ago
    "If I am unemployed my a$$ is gonna be in a gym for 2 hours a day working out. I will be hot in my unemployment ;-) " - Great attitude, love it! Keep up the hard work, but listen to your body!

    1205 days ago
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