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Monday, July 08, 2013

So I picked up a copy of the book 'Skinny Biotch'(title changed because we cannot use profanity on here). I never really wanted to read the book..real badly..when it first came out but for a quarter I figured 'what the heck'.

IF you can get past the pointless profanity it's not been a bad read. I'm almost done and it has inspired me to make some changes in my diet. Basically this book is pushing a totally vegan diet. I don't know that I could happily be a vegan..ever. BUT, I can cut back on the animal products that I do consume..considerably. And, a lot of the other positive lifestyle changes they push are common sense stuff that i'm already trying to do. Sleep...drink freggies...exercise.

And, I CAN cut down and eliminate some forms of animal products..somewhat easily. Swapping my butter for Earth balance brand(we used that before and it was good.) and cutting back on cheese. I don't drink milk anyway and they do make soy yogurt and ice cream and it's pretty good. Hubby would never go for soy ice cream but me and the kids would probably eat it. I enjoy most of the fake meat products already and really do like tofu. And, I do need to really bulk up the amount of fruits and vegetables I eat on a daily basis.

They suggest eating fruit for breakfast everyday. Just fruit. No coffee(which isn't going to happen. I have one cup a day and will not be giving it up). And, they also say not to eat until you're ravenous. To me..that isn't a great idea..i'm more likely to eat whatever I see(good or bad...usually bad) when I let myself get that hungry. But, I will try the fruit for breakfast thing and see how I feel. Today I had a big bowl of cantalope. They also suggest fasting here and there but not until you are a full fledged vegan. The times that I have been forced to fast(surgery/childbirth) and recently when I was having the big relationship issues(just didn't want to eat)...I DID feel really good after. It did kind of refresh my taste buds and make me want healthy food not junk. Just the thought of eating something greasy or cheesy made my stomach turn. The times I did try to eat something went right through me. So, I think a fast here and there would probably be a good thing. They say the easiest is a raw food fast. That way you can still eat something. The next is a juice fast. Then, finally a plain water fast. I don't think I could handle that. I wouldn't want to. I could probably do the raw food fast for a couple days. But, i'm in no big hurry to do that. First I want to concentrate on eliminating a lot of the bad stuff in my diet and replace it with freggies and more whole grains. That will keep me busy for awhile probably. lol.

Anyway, since I did enjoy the book..overall(I don't like some of it but overall it was pretty good)..I ordered her two cooking books and an exercise dvd set(3 dvds). The reviews on the dvds said that they were to easy...but that was coming from people who did hardcore workout dvds. I hate those type of dvds so i'm hoping that I will like the ones I ordered. I'm not a big workout dvd person...they are like torture. lol.

General life update: My marriage is going amazing now. We have both learned an important lesson...don't take each other for granted. He's making changes and is showing me love again and doing things to make my life easier...and i'm doing the same for him. Treat others how you yourself would like to be treated...really is very true and eventually does work.

I'm thinking of putting in my application at subway soon. I just think that is a job that I would enjoy. It won't pay much but if I really love it then it will be worth it. If I don't get hired or don't like it then I will try something else.

We're also talking about putting the house for sale again and looking for something in Brookville. We did this before but didn't live in our house while trying to sell it and it was a HUGE financial burden. Paying a mortgage payment and the utilities here and then paying rent and the utilities in the place we were living at...was a HUGE drain on our finances and a huge strain on our marriage(that is when the problems really started between us). BUT, it won't be a strain this time since we will just be paying what we are already paying and won't move until we sell this house. IF we sell this house. I just kind of feel like we belong in Brookville. That is where our friends are and I really did enjoy living there.(finances at the time aside) There are so many more opportunities there for things to do. And, people to do them with. Nobody ever wants to drive up here so we're always driving down there anyway. We saw a cute house for sale that we both like pretty well. Not that we are set on that house or anything. Our renters at hubby's step dad's house(that he is in charge of while step dad is away) are looking for another place(different town). So, if they do move out we COULD live there rent free. It's not ideal..because I didn't like living there the first time we tried it(lived there for awhile before moving and renting the other place)..but a lot of that was because everything kept breaking and costing a fortune. BUT, now it's all been fixed and the renters haven't had any issues at all. It's still not ideal but is an option. That would be if we sell our house and need more time to find one we want to buy. But, we've not even totally decided to try selling right now. So....i'm just talking. I can't tell for sure what hubby wants to do. He ultimately does really want to live in Brookville. He's clear on that. My family is going to have a fit(Grandparents/Aunt) when we put the house for sale again. But, this is OUR life. And, I would still see them all the time. I'd only be a half hour drive from here. And, when we moved last time I came and visited a good amount of time at least once a week.
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OLIVE_LOAF 7/10/2013 8:57AM

    I think I did read part of that book because I remember the part about only fruit for breakfast. I don't remember her reasoning but I didn't think it would work for me so that is where I stopped reading. Good luck with your home situation. I hope your ultimate solution is the one that makes you happiest!

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GETSALONG 7/8/2013 9:16PM

  emoticon so much going on in your home, and it all sounds optimistic & positive, which is wonderful to hear. Let us know how it all goes, food included! (says the food lover in me, lol ;)

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WATCHMEGO! 7/8/2013 1:06PM

    I read that book. I agree about the pointless profanity!

Good luck on the diet changes and I'm glad to hear things are going well otherwise!

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BOOKWORM27S 7/8/2013 12:27PM

    I was a vegan for a few years. It is a great way to lose a lot of weight. But after awhile, I learned I was allergic to a lot of the major vegan protein sources like legumes, soy, and nuts. I feel better on a more varied diet.

Good luck in your weight loss journey!

Comment edited on: 7/8/2013 12:28:43 PM

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