Lemon Balm for Calm after the holiday

Monday, July 08, 2013

It's a Monday after a holiday weekend. I'm betting that I'm not the only one here who is ready to calm down and get a lot done today! When I need to focus and get back to basics, a good cup of tea sets me in the right zone. My body is craving a re-set from the occasional foods I ate over the weekend - Nothing too luscious, but definitely a couple of things out of the normal routine. To boost the G.I. system, I steeped LEMON BALM in hot water. I did not have to go far to get the lemon balm. Let me explain. I am growing a $1 plant from the farmer's market in a container on the deck. It has QUINTUPLED in size in one month - I've already pinched off shoots and replanted them in another container. As a member of the mint family, lemon balm is very proliferous.

You actually only need 3 leaves for a cup of lemon balm tea. 4 or 5 if you want to make a concentrated "lemon balm shot". The leaves are the same size and texture as mint. The leaves smell and taste like a combination of lemon and mint when you break them apart. The tea is good for the digestive system and for calming one's nerves in general. The resulting tea tastes somewhat like a spicy, earthy green tea. One way to try lemon balm without going too "earthy" would be to combine 1-2 small leaves with an everyday CHAMOMILE tea.

I make my own teabags using coffee filters cut to smaller size. I had a tea infuser at one time, but didn't use it enough to keep it around. If you are really into infusers, here is a picture of the most odd infuser. "Mister Fred"! Made ya look!


How to grow LEMON BALM (available in the herbal section of garden nurseries):

Medicinal benefits of LEMON BALM (Anti-Stress):
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  • LJOYCE55
    1692 days ago
    Hi KMS1119, I used fresh leaves (I don't plan ahead that far in advance!) but you can do either. For the winter-time, dried would probably be my availability. I would describe the difference between fresh and dried as similar to adding fresh lemon to water versus powderized lemon crystals if you've ever seen that at a restaurant. Cheers!
    1692 days ago
    sounds like a good idea. I love fresh tea.
    1693 days ago
  • GETTINFIT-2014
    Do you dry the leaves for the tea or brew them right after you pick them?

    Thanks for the tip.
    1693 days ago
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