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SLVi3x3: Maintenance for a year?.. Not................

Monday, July 08, 2013

The anniversary of me hitting "maintenance" or target weight is here - well two weeks off. By this time last year I had sweated in the gym, lifted heavy and controlled my diet to end up at a weight of 189 pounds.

So 12 months later where am I?. I had planned for this. I long since realized that my "diet" to lose weight was eventuality my maintenance diet. Sad but true :(.. My diet is healthy -- I get a good amount of protein, fats are made up mostly using nuts. Nearly all my carbs come from fruit (five a day minimum). I have a protein shake every day (as a fast meal and because I like them :) ). By the time I've done this I am at my maintenance and usually hit calories.

For all the books on dieting in the world - it does seem that if you want to get all the fibre and vitamins you need and balance your macros - you actually have very limited choice in what you can eat... In simple terms - by all means have those chocolate cookies but if they are 300 calories then you must spend 25 minutes on the treadmill to work them off..

Yesterday I had an apple and blackberry pie with cream and a bag of candies (300 calories). These was justified as I cycled 15 miles up and down hills on rough terrain with a mountain bike... I enjoyed both he food and the biking - and enjoyed them both all the more because one justified the other..

The gym was something I had to take control of. The SLVi3 programme (see my spark group) was put together to keep my gym time down.I some respects that target has been hit - in other respects not.. As soon as my workload increases or I have a bit of free time then I am very bad and tend to wander off to the gym. My tracker in the sparkteam shows as much:

In truth SLVi3 goes into an intense strength phase towards the end where I try - for four weeks - to bulk up and increase strength. I then recover with a cut - I up the cardio and lighten the weights - increase the reps and reduce food intake a bit.

I am also on a macro period - part of a yearly cycle... I had planned to do three SLVi3 prgramme a year (done = 120 gym sessions) - whilst this time of the year I aim to get out more on the bike -run more outside and use bodyweight exercises. This is happening - it maximizes my quality of life.

So - physically where am I now? It was weight day today and I cam in at 189 pounds.. spot on where I was last year.

My strength... I have just come out of a big lifting session lasting a couple of weeks. It looks like I have put on around 20% on my maximum for all the big lifts over 9 months. This is slightly above target but I guess as the cut takes it toll I'll lose a bit. My speed running will be assessed in early August. I feel a bit faster but at the moment I am cycling and rowing more than running to preserve my knee which still complains at lengthy runs..

It seems I've got stronger. My shirts are tighter across the shoulders - my waist is the same if not slimmer. Of all things my biceps have got bigger. This is really odd as I do bicep curls once every ten days or so. I suppose its an effect of deadlifts and squats...

My abs are still a shambles. My legs and shoulders/ arms look like I am 12% bodyfat - my stomach is tight but my abs are still a long lost dream. Maybe this summer cut will show them...........

Looking at pictures from last year - in truth I did look tired. a 50 Pound weight loss actually wears you out - this year I am more athletic looking.

What next for the following year/? It seems the same. The routine is varied enough and it does the job and in a reasonable amount of time. Whilst my children are approaching the peak of their life physically - I am leaving them behind more and more on bikerides and walks.. :)

The second year of maintenance will present different challenges. Boredom - too much routine - these may all conspire to break my habit. I must focus on this mini bulk cut cycle I have going and KEEP returning tot he scales once a month. That works..

My sadness is that by my estimates abs will be out for two years :(
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