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back in the fight again and with your help

Monday, July 08, 2013

I love this author, I have waned in my journey as a Christian but am rededicating myself to reading the bible, getting back into the word, because that is where spiritual growth comes from. As I have mentioned my path since becoming a Christian has been very rocky, and the book I finished helped immensely with my self confidence in myself, I know Jesus is always with me, I have felt this since I have been saved, I have felt complete for the first time in my life, plus I have this problem that if I do something wrong it bothers me to no end. Before I was saved I never had this problem, funny how the Holy Spirit changes your life so completely. Walking by faith is so easy when you have proof living in your heart. It is hard to tell people these things that have never experienced them, that they will never be alone again, or the conviction living in their heart when they do something that they know is wrong, it just seems like something supernatural which I guess it is but until they experience it, until they walk by faith for themselves there is no way to get some of that across. I know that God let those things happen to better me, I also know that God will punish us as we need it as we are His children. It is in scripture and I firmly believe that, I know that when we are at our weakest His strength shows through and we need to not runaway or turn away from His word just because we are tired. I had 7 years of non stop things happen, everything from my mother dying of ovarian cancer, a daughter having severe depression during that time, broken bones, developed a chronic disease, my husband thought I was having an affair (I wasn't - just worked way to much), lost my job that I loved because of the disease I got from breaking my ankle at work (broke my ankle 4 months after my mom died). It just never seemed to stop or end. The only thing I could think of that tied it all together was that every time I tried to get closer to God it got worse, so I just stopped. Even when things calmed down and I would try again stuff would happen, lost my son to my ex-husband, things like that just on and on. Now I know that it does not matter that it is to important that Jesus has to be first that no matter what is thrown at me that He will see me through. I am not sure why I am getting attacked so much, but my boss used to tell me I could publish a book so much had happened to me since I had arrived in Florida (which corresponded with me being a Christian by one month). It was amazing the amount of things that had happened to our family and to me in that amount of time. But we made it through and are still relatively sane. I am glad to have found this site and to have people that read what I write and support me, it will help me greatly as my husband and children do not get my desire to want to learn and the desire I have for the bible and apologetics. Having others to help me through when things start to bonkers again will help me tremendously I know I will not be in the fight alone and for that I thank you all and Jesus. (Reading Hebrews 9-13 has helped give me perspective and strength to reach this decision along with the people and ministry I have found on sparks.)
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