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That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Sunday, July 07, 2013

It was a piece of cake. Easy as pie. Insert some other dessert-related simplicity idiom here.

That’s how I would describe getting through my father’s Super 6oth Spaghetti-tastic Birthday party yesterday ( wp.me/p1N36Q-cD ). I stuck with my plan and was able to eat reasonably despite being surrounded by fatty/carby/delicious Italian foods. I ate the sausage and peppers, some cubes of cheese, and some of the salads. I did not feel like I overdid it in anyway.

Except for the wine – maybe I had one glass more than I should have.

I indulged in one Almond Cookie ( wp.me/p1N36Q-cL ) when the cake was served. And I thought I was good for the night. I did point out to my husband that there was tons of cake still left at the end of the evening – and he played his role beautifully by saying “the cake isn’t worth it,” even though I fully knew he didn’t mean it.

I was ready to consider the night a success.

Until I got home…

The caterer actually packed up all of the leftovers for us, which was nice but way more food than my family could eat in a week. My Stepmom sent us home with a few of the things they wouldn’t eat – Eggplant Rollatini, Chicken Francese, Artichoke salad, Green Bean salad, and Macaroni salad… there was more, but I stopped her there as most of this stuff I won’t eat myself (but my husband was happy to volunteer).

So I was surprised when I arrived home, started putting things away in the fridge and found leftover birthday cake among my foil-wrapped entrees.

After everything I’ve read so far in Wheat Belly, I should have just thrown it away. It’s rat poison.

Instead, I decided that maybe it would be harmless to have a taste of the frosting – a slippery slope that ended with me eating a slice.

It’s fitting to me that today’s Wheat Belly blog post is about Wheat "Re-Exposure":


I didn’t have a full week wheat free under my belt because of the Bailey’s incident ( wp.me/s1N36Q-glutened ), so I’m not entirely sure re-exposure applies. Still, I think that “harmless” slice of cake caused me a number of issues last night:

1. Bloating – My stomach felt as if I had binged. I was incredibly uncomfortable all night (and most of the day today).
2. Sleeplessness – Whether it was because my stomach hurt or because I was anxious about having fallen off the wagon (most likely a combination of both), I didn’t get much sleep last night.
3. Cravings – I’ve fought off a few urges to dig in to the Italian buffet that lives in my fridge today – more difficult than it should be given that my stomach isn’t feeling so great.

So… I don’t know. As I get ready to celebrate a new 14 day Binge Free streak by pulling a goodie from my reward jar, I don’t really feel much like celebrating. It’s as if last night’s setback with wheat somehow cancels out the fact that I didn’t binge. If I believe binge eating is a symptom – to which wheat is the cause – maybe I need to re-frame my reward policy.
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