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Mini Vacation

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Too much deja vu! 230 am Saturday and we just got to the cabin 30 or 40 minutes ago. My girls units were in fine form tonight with an added precaution, a restraint, and 6 emergency meds. Ron indulged me and let me hook up my tablet music I recently downloaded to the speakers so at least I enjoyed the trip. He kept wanting different google map routes drawn up to get us to the coast before work and I finally asked him what was wrong with going the way I always thought we were the cabin. When I showed him the route, he realized I was right all along and decided we could leave after I got off work and spend the night here so we would only have a couple hours drive to the coast.

I think he went to bed pouting because I told him I would put the sheets on the bed but not until after I made one walk around to see the plants and that was five minutes more than he could stand so he went to bed on the mattress pad. I tried to go to sleep. I really did. It started with a tiny noise I thought was the calendar blowing around but then it ended up being tons of noises from the AC. I have to say they cooled off the stuffy locked up cabin SUPER FAST...but I think they must be freezing up with all the racket so now I can't even sleep in my own bedroom for all the noise. And the croaking birds outside are deafening too! I will soldier on, though. As Adam would say, "Its been so long since I've seen the ocean....I guess I should." And then the chorus from Long December rattles in my head so I will try to get to sleep with the iPod...eventually. This is the longest the Asus and iPod have held a charge so I almost forgot to pull out the cords.

Bloody argh! Four am and it didn't work. Music never puts me to sleep because I'm always so into it. I can't keep my feet from moving and the lyrics running through my head. Maybe that's why Adam suffers from insomnia too. I am totally expecting TOM to come visiting as soon as we get to the coast since I'm still waiting after a week. Sure better mean weight loss since I have been stuck ever since my big loss two weeks ago. This night sux. Better catch some good waves today. In just a few hours. With no sleep. 5 am. Just finished the book The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden and it was the most horrific ending EVER. The guy's dad stabs him and she finds him in a pool of blood, still alive, but barely...the end. SERIOUSLY?!?! I'M JUST SAYING!!!! Previous post pic bears repeating. Up at 7 amafter two whole hours sleep, Of course. Ron made me take him out to the local restaurant for breakfast even though I refuse to waste my one real meal so early in the day and Dakota isn't hungry. The waitress is hilarious though, and makes me literally laugh out loud over and over. You ask for the coffee in a carry out cup and she says I'll see if i can find you a SMALL cup. Then she only fills it halfway. She asks if him if he wants picante sauce with his eggs then says she'll see if they have any. They don't. Do you want biscuits or toast? We probably don't have any biscuits.

It ended up being a pretty great day aside from Ron's normal ways of wanting you to read his mind and then being pissed because what you read wasn't what he meant. We ended up going to check out High Island on the opposite end of Bolivar Penninsula from Galveston before going to Port Arthur to see if that might be the place we prefer...since after I reserved and cancelled three different rooms for this trip he decides "I would have set up at High Island, not Port Arthur." Even though he is the one that TOLD me to book Port Arthur. Port Arthur ended up being pretty great though. 9 am til noon to get to High Island. He drove us onto the beach for about five minutes and then we went in search of a seafood restaurant. Ate at Coconuts (Dakota's nickname) where we were forced to cheat and have fried okra. Seventeen days til my one year Medifast anniversary and I have cheated three times. This one, the other seafood place where we ordered grilled shrimp and they gave us fried.

After eating, he let me sit on the beach ABOUT a half hour and we left for PA at 2. He kept on explaining like I was stupid that we couldn't drive on the beach the whole way there while I kept asking why would you want to. The road is right next to the beach. But you will get the car stuck if you try to drive the whole way on the beach. Seriously...what did I just say? Why would I not know that? Think we finally finished the discussion and dufus goes and asks the waiter if you can drive all the way on the beach. Maybe he was thinking about me. I don't get it. Checked in at the motel and found a Walmart to buy chairs and swim trunks for the boys but Ron refuses his cuz he would rather stay white than burn. Of course he made us go BACK after the beach to buy him "wading shorts" for Sunday which are not the same thing even though walmart thinks they are. We were at the beach Saturday about 6 pm to 730 pm and I loved it even though they were both bored. Coda wouldn't get wet without a real bathing suit and Ron wouldn't even get his feet wet but I absolutely loved the warm, warm water and happy, happy children. Not really crowded so I think we mad a good choice. High Island had tons of seaweed to wrap around you with every wave but PA was very clean and nice. Even saw three different rainbows and went overly camera happy with the last one cuz every few minutes it got brighter and longer.

Sunday Ron woke me around 6 am. Said he was gonna let us sleep while he ate breakfast but he couldn't find his vitamins. Right on top of the bag. After two hours sleep Friday night, I got to bed around eleven on Saturday. 750 am and finally heading to the beachafter getting ice. He can't even pay for that alone so I just gave him the card and said I was tired of going in. Played on the beach 840 m to 1140 am with Coda jumping waves with me one time for about half hour before he got bored and spent the rest of the time with his head hung down. Ron didn't even fish too long but I had great time nd didn't mind going elsewhere when it got super windy after a little rain. Ron figured a storm was brewing, it was too windy and Dakota had been bored in silence for too long. I did make them let me pick up two bags of trash beforehand though and I think Ron was actually proud of me for it.

I had a pretty big scare around 10 m when ONE drop of water from a wave hit the Asus. It went black and wouldn't come on but I was sure it would be OK if I didn't freak. I plugged it into the car charger and voila. Reboot. It had gone from 100% charge to zero from that one drop of water. But I still wasn't safe. It kept trying to upgrade a file even though there isn't any WiFi at the beach. It wouldn't turn off and was hot as fire and I couldn't keep charging with the motor off. Its pretty muck OK now though. We ate at a DELICIOUS seafood restaurant that had an all grilled assortment for me an Ron and then I forced them to go to Gator Country in Beaumont and hold baby gators like my sister did. I think we all had much more fun than we thought we would and I also ended up holding two of which weighed a hundred and twenty pounds...that's why Ron had to help...the guy didn't even put the main weight on my shoulders so I was very afraid of dropping her. Her name is Banana. She doesn't eat rats though. She eats RABBITS! The green tree python freaked me out a little bit cuz he kept kissing me. At least that is what the intern called it.

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  • ONUTHIN125
    1720 days ago
    Wow you have amazing pictures!!!! Sounds like fun so far!!!!
    1720 days ago
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