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Must.... Resist....

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Yesterday Pierre and I took our monthly shopping trip to Costco. We consider it a successful experience if the bill is under $200, and we did, in fact, high-five each other at the cash as the master-packing box-boy (do we still call them that when they're 40 years old?) tucked our entire cart-full of treasures into one small Kirkland beef patties box.

But then came the True Challenge: resisting the overwhelming pull of the Food Court. For me, it's a breeze to say No, Thanks to the greasy pepperoni pizza slices and quarter-pound hot dogs, even though I do love me a bargain.

BUT, in addition to the tasty-looking chocolate/vanilla swirl cones, they tempt us with giant (12.3 oz!) sundaes: overflowing cups of the smoothest, creamiest, fat-filled vanilla soft ice cream, thickly laced with rich, dripping hot fudge. The CRUELTY! [I was unable to find the actual nutritional information of those monstrosities of deliciousness, but did find their probably-leaner sisters, the Very Berry Frozen Yogurt Sundae, which delivers a whopping 410 calories.]

Pushing the cart away from the cash, we looked at each other with that look. Well? Do we do it? Can we hustle by without succumbing to the allure? I won't pretend. I prayed for strength. And good old God came through again by presenting us with a queue that wound from the counter through the entire seating area! YES! The Farmer's Market veggies and eggs in the trunk wouldn't last through that wait, and we skipped right on by, as I silently thanked each of the folks in line for helping us stay healthy!

*photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose
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