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Not my best riding day

Sunday, July 07, 2013

I biked 35 miles yesterday, but they were not good miles. I had intended to make a 55-mile loop, but just 5 miles in (while watching the traffic light and the traffic instead of looking at the road) I hit a piece of rebar that caused my front tire to scoot out from under me, throwing me toward traffic that was starting to move. I stopped myself from falling into the street by *putting my hand on a moving car.*

Needless to say, I was sort of jangled with adrenaline by all that.

I biked 5 more miles, trying to get myself calmed down, but I was struggling. So when I got to a charming little village I pulled over, sat down on a bench, ate a banana, drank some water, and got myself calmer. I went on from there, headed south and slightly upstream into a mild headwind. I wasn't expecting to be fast, but I was surprised at how bad I felt. I had to stop and rest again after another 5 miles, and then at 18 miles, when I reached the top of a hill I simply had to throw myself down on the grass, gasping for air.

That's when I cut the ride short. I started back, and it was definitely easier, but every climb was doing me in WAY more than it should have. Stopped after 5 miles to buy a coke, and then after another 3 to buy some Gatorade. I texted hubby to let him know I might need a rescue, but decided to keep going. Stopped one last time about 4 miles from home to take shelter under a gas station for 10 minutes of absolute deluge, then made the final press for home.

About two blocks from home, I started wondering if I was having a heart attack. The road was flat, but I still felt terrible. I felt like I couldn't catch my breath at all. I briefly considered calling for a rescue but realized I could be home before he could get in the car and come get me.

Got home, told hubby my concerns, decided to take a shower to get the sweat off, and then noticed that I was fighting cramps in my thighs, feet, and calves. Sure sign of potassium deficiency. Decided that an immediate trip to ER was not necessary.

I'm still going to call my doctor on Monday and go in to get checked out. I don't feel 100% back to normal yet, but no real chest or back pain,
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