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The New Me

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Let's just say I can snap my fingers and transform into a 'new me.' What would that look like?

I suppose before I go into who the New Me is going to be, I should outline who the Old Me is, to aid in the comparing and contrasting. (Too bad I can't insert a table here. That's what this transformation needs, a good spreadsheet!)

The Old Me is:

• I may have all day to do what I want (essentially), but an hour of exercise is waaaay too much to ask.
• Meal planning? I despise it, and can't bring myself to even think about the topic without getting into a grumpy mood, let alone actually do it - ever.
• Cooking ANYTHING takes way too much effort. Especially when you consider the fact that you have to clean up afterwards. That's just waaaay over the line.
• I like crappy foods. So in the moment, rather than taking even a split second to try to talk myself out of it b/c it does nothing but pull me away from my goals, I immediately just take the easy route and just go for the junk.
• Basically, does it take effort? Then no thanks, I'll pass.
• I'm too self-conscious to get out of my shell and try anything new. Someone might think I look ridiculous. I wonder how ridiculous I look just standing there watching while everyone else has fun?

•Has no priorities.
• Well, I should say lack of actually doing things based on priorities. I have lots of lists of priorities, so I know where they theoretically stand in my head, it's the execution of them that's completely lacking (again, see 'lazy,' my #1 trait. Maybe I should get a t-shirt to just go ahead and make it official).
• I make list after list of what's important to me, yet somehow I spend all of my time, day in and day out, on things that are absolutely nowhere near that list, let alone actually on it. Too bad I can't get some kind of taser to zap me anytime I'm doing something that's not on it. I wonder if that would work? I should look into it.
• Well, I'm sure there's lots more fun things I could list about why I'm the most awesome person in the history of the world, but I feel like that's probably good enough for right now (although my propensity for negativity is totally encouraging me to continue on with the bashing).

Ok, so now onto my outline of how I want to turn out after all of this is once and for all said and DONE.

The New Me is going to:

•Make an effort.
• She gets up early with a spring in her step and a smile on her face.
• She exercises several times a week, and even on days when she doesn't, she finds ways to move her body. Being physically active is just part of who she is. She goes for walks, has solo and family dance parties, she skips and jumps around with the kids. She plays in the yard with them. She asks, 'Why should I be sitting down right now?' to encourage herself to get up and be active whenever possible.
• She reminds herself constantly that she can make each day whatever she wants it to be, she just has to choose to do what it takes to make it that way.
• She said 'screw it' to feeling self-conscious about anything, and just gets out and tries things. She doesn't care what anyone thinks she looks like, if it might be (or turn into) something fun, she does it. She hyper-focuses on just being in the moment and trying to have fun and do her best. She reminds herself that everyone started out not knowing how to do it, but did it enough to get the hang of it, and she can too.

•Have her priorities straight.
• She takes advantage of the fact that she has the luxury of being 100% in charge of her time, and spends it on what is most important to her and her family.
• She takes the hour and a half it takes to exercise.
• She doesn't waste time or money going out to eat. She spends time finding new recipes and trying new healthy foods at home. She makes cooking something fun that she does with Ben, and going to the farm each week a fun family event. She works on making a family garden that everyone does together.
• She takes advantage of living in a place with lots of things to do outside, a big city, and very close to many neat other places and gets out and explores and learns about them.
• She is intentional. Every small choice has a consequence and a purpose - before every decision, no matter how small, she always pauses to ask herself if her choice is serving her purpose - her greater purpose, and of the moment. Sometimes that purpose is simply to relax and means doing nothing but sitting for a moment, but it is an intentional choice, not a passive one.

•Be positive and appreciative.
• She focuses on the good in every.single.situation. She sees every situation as a possibility for a great experience - whether it be fun, exciting, a learning experience or a teaching moment, or will just be a funny story to look back on, it can be a great experience if you choose to make it one.
• She makes a point to focus on the good things everyone does, and to point them out as much as possible. She doesn't just say the words 'thank you,' she shows that she appreciates things.
• She holds back criticism. She chooses to express it very carefully, and only when it will serve a true useful purpose. When having a critical thought, she asks herself what good things have been done or come out of the situation as well, and focuses her attention on that rather than any negatives. This applies to criticism of herself as much as to others.
• She begins every day and every situation asking herself how she can make the most of the day/experience, and before she does anything she asks herself if this is the best use of her time and energy, and if it will add to or take away from her happiness, goals and priorities.
• She finds ways to take a genuine interest in the things her family loves, and become an active participant in them.
• She focuses on all of the wonderful things in everyone she loves, her situation every day and every moment, and in herself. She makes the absolute most of every day and every wonderful person and experience that she is lucky enough to be given.

Now that's a person whose story I can't wait to write…

And to ease into the New Me, here’s my initial plan:

Things to avoid:
- Eating out
- Making choices based on laziness

Things to aim for:
- Move my body as much as I can each day, through: play, exploring, dance, walks, stretching/swiss ball/pilates or something low-key as a starting point
- Be outside
- Plan meals
- Cook and eat at home
- Limit junk food to controlled and reasonable amounts – stick to whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible
- Keep a fitness/eating/outlook journal on Sparkpeople
- Get up early for morning walks, and go on evening ones as a family

The Bottom Line:
- All of the things I want are ONLY dependent upon all of the choices I make.
- Therefore this is ALL completely within my control - to either change for the better, or continue getting worse. It is all up to me.
- I have the luxury, and the responsibility, of getting to choose my own path, and design - and then make - my own destiny. The designing is the easy and fun part. It's the making it happen through execution of many good choices that's hard.
- Every day when I wake up, and through every choice I make throughout the day, I get to choose my own adventure. I need to choose to make it an exciting one, not a sad drama I don’t even want to read about, let alone live.
- A string of good choices is all I need to make myself finally right again. And it only takes one good choice to turn the trajectory of the day around.
- I just have to focus on making as many good choices as possible, which will begin to add up to make my life colorful and full and vibrant again before I know it.
- Small changes in all of the important areas of my life are all I need to become who I want to be – I do not have to suddenly do a 180 in all the areas of my life. I can do this with baby steps.

And so we begin…
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love your blog! Very powerful words on how you are and what you want to be.
    I really enjoyed it and you really made me think!
    You have a plan and like you said it is all within your control!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1691 days ago
    Wow what great goals and positivity - I love the way you've reinforced the positive way to get healthy for yourself with your "New Me" emoticon
    1692 days ago
    1693 days ago
    Great blog, teammate. I can identify with so much here.
    1693 days ago
  • JANET552
    emoticon Living with intention is what it is all about. My favorite saying from Spark is to wake up every day vowing to make one positive action to move myself closer to my goal. String enough of these positive actions together and you can't help but be a success. Good luck!
    1693 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1693 days ago
    I think I'd start with one thing and master that. Sort of like starting with scales when learning a new musical instrument. Or the basic positions of ballet. If you wanted to learn piano you wouldn't start out with Bach.
    1693 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1693 days ago
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