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My previous "About me" (from May 2011)

Sunday, July 07, 2013

*I can't dwell on the past (or the fact that the last time I wrote this I was twice as close to my goal weight as I am now), but while I want to just start my page anew, I would like to keep this for history's sake to be able to look back on it, so I decided to save it as a blog post before I delete it and write a new intro.

May 12, 2011: Starting a new chapter

I finally deleted all of my old stuff on here, because I'm officially ready to start with a clean slate. It doesn't matter how I got here (lord knows I've spent enough countless hours dwelling on that, and look what good THAT's done me!), the only thing that matters is that I'm finally moving forward instead of uselessly running in place like I have been for the past EIGHT years.

I just had my second, and most likely last, baby the last week of March. He is simply amazing, and I could not be more in love with my whole family. We have nothing but endless possibilities in front of us right now, and I intend to fully take advantage of that. No more wasting time assuming I'm setting myself up for failure or disappointment by actually putting my whole effort into reaching for my dreams - I'm taking control and doing whatever is in my power to make sure that I succeed in creating a wonderful life for all of us. And that has to start with getting healthy as the absolute #1 priority. If I eat healthy, my husband and daughter (and in the relatively near future my son) will too, and the same goes for being active, in both workouts and just in everyday activities. I also need to find some activities that I enjoy and make the time to learn and participate in them for my mental health. This should certainly include as many "active" things as possible, not only to aid in the whole being healthy endeavor, but as a vital part of being a good role model for my kids, and to fit in with the vision my husband and I have always had of all of us doing many "active" things together all the time.

That's really all there is too it - I just have to start with aiming to eat and act as healthy as possible, and go from there. Yes, I need to lose some more weight. But I'm not that far from where I want to be, and the truth is, I have no idea what weight I want to be at - I just want to be, look and feel healthy, and finally become the active and confident person that I've always wanted to be. Whatever weight I happen to be when that happens is my goal.

So I'm only focusing on actions now, not the end result, because as long as I continue to do the right things, then I WILL reach my ultimate goal. I can control the things I eat, and what I choose to do with each day. Sure, there will be times when I'm not in a position to eat the absolute best thing, and there will be (probably many, especially while I'm staying at home) times when I can't exercise or be as active as I'd like, but as long as I make the best choices possible in the situation I'm faced with, well, that's exactly the person I want to be, and if I do that enough days in a row, that will mean it has become not just a habit but my new way of life - and I will officially be a healthy person, and with any luck, my family will have become healthy right along with me.

Once we're healthy, I truly believe that we will finally be in a position to enjoy life to its fullest, and will be making the most out of wherever we are and whatever we're doing. And really, what more can a person ever ask for?? So here's to choosing to be the person I've always wanted to be, and to never looking back, but only looking at the endless possibilities in front of us....

My Goals:
- Have exercising become a regular part of my life - several times a week, and being active in our free time as well
- Eat healthy, with as few processed foods as possible
- Learn to cook
- Work out at least 3-4 times/wk
- Spend free time doing quality & active activities, preferably outdoors

And all of these things will hopefully lead to losing around 20 more lbs

My Program:
- Healthy eating, as few processed foods as possible, and doing my absolute best NOT to eat out

Until July 4:
- Couch to 5K 3 times/wk
- Strength train 2-3 times/wk
- Zumba as many times as I can
- No eating out unless we're out of town and don't have a choice

- Plan meals and snacks each week so we're always prepared with healthy meals
- Try to cook a new meal each week
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