Another motorcycle accident.. Just my luck.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

At this point, I can't even explain how stressed out I feel. Is it Murphy's Law that says 'Anything that can go wrong, will.'? I'm pretty sure it is right.

I meant to post an update after I updated my status.. but have been super busy with my life, so haven't had the chance. So here goes.

On July 15th we went to Awesome Biker Nights in Sioux City, IA. After we were done there, we planned on going out to eat so my father-in-law took my husband up to his sister's motorcycle that he had rode into town. He had to park it on a hill because the battery was dead so they had to pop start it. We had gone ahead.. and I had just rode on the back with his mom. His sister went into the restaurant to go to the bathroom and yelled 'We gotta go.. NOW. Jeremy wrecked.' We didn't know at that point if he was ok or not.. and I was devastated. I had just lost a friend in a motorcycle accident and since his accident there have been 2 more people I know in motorcycle accidents but lived (thank god!) What happened with Jeremy though is he got it going and when he got to the stoplights, it turned from green to yellow.. so in order to avoid a ticket, he tried to stop. In doing that, the braking system in the bike made him lose control and he fell at about 10-15mph. Luckily, he didn't hit his head.. but he did break his leg. 3 cracks and a bunch of pieces at the top of the bone just below the knee. It is actually considered a Tibial Plateau Fracture.. as it is the part of the bone that flares out.

Of course, the only income we have at this point is his.. because I am doing full-time school. He is eligible for short-term disability through his work but that is 50% of his paycheck. So.. around 800 dollars a month. Oh.. Did I mention he got a ticket for $195 for failure to maintain control and it is due on the 17th of this month. We are hoping to go to court and get an extension.. because clearly we can't afford anything at this point.

Then of course on 4th of July, Jer's dad bought some fireworks.. and we went to fire them off and had our neighbors come out and flat out said he is going to call the cops on us. I would have been more willing to be quiet if he wasn't such a jerk about it and while I didn't get too worked up, a couple of the other people decided they wanted to be really loud afterwards.. I guess it was too late to be firing them so the cop did tell us we had to stop.. so we took them out to Jer's parent's farm and did a few more. On the way out, we blew a tire.. in the vehicle we are borrowing from his parents because ours are both undriveable.. and wouldn't you know it? Our spare was at home because when we went camping we didn't have enough room to fit it in with everything else. UGH.. Seriously.. My bad luck is never-ending.

At this point, we have bills we can't pay. Car insurance coming out today for two cars we can't drive. We had short-term disability papers faxed FOUR times to CNO's so the doctor could fill them out. They lost them all 4 times. So we don't know if the person that was supposed to receive them has because they said they faxed them.. but we have no confirmation from the person supposed to receive them since she is out of the office til Monday, and the papers have to be there by Monday in order for Jeremy to receive a paycheck next Friday. Seriously, if we don't.. I don't know what I will do. I am already overwhelmed taking care of the kids AND Jeremy now, on top of the house and school. I'm thinking I'm going to have to get a job too. How? I don't know. I also don't know how much more I can take.

The UPSIDE? I haven't given up weight loss. I have been a little off track due to being camping and away from home.. but today I am back at it!

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    Oh man! Your luck HAS to look up soon! Start thinking about everything positive you can and focus on getting through this. HUGS!
    1564 days ago
    1564 days ago
    You are amazing for not getting off track during this horrible time. You are a great example that just because other things are going wrong doesn't mean you have to start packing back on the pounds.

    I am so sorry you are dealing with all of that though, and I can't even imagine the amount of stress you feel. I hope your husband heals quickly and feels better and I hope things start looking up for you guys. emoticon
    1565 days ago
    Keeping you in our prayers and wishing you all the best. Hang in there gf, it will get better though it might not seem that way right now, keep your chin up.
    Hugs, Debbie
    1565 days ago
    Wow what a bad streak of luck. Maybe this was the end and things will turn around.
    Stay positive and I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    1565 days ago
    so sorry for all your bad times. I hope everything will get better soon. You are in my prayers
    1565 days ago
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