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How to Beat the Heat! - Redneck Tip of the Week

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Redneck Tip of the Week #2 - How to Beat The Heat

So many folks lately across the states are complaining about the high heat. Some areas over 100º. Down in the south we have ways of doing things most yankee's and yuppies are in the complete dark about. Leave it to us and we'll teach ya'll a lesson on southern ingenuity. Complain all you want or get your self off the recliner and get with it.

I know most of you have a bathroom fan laying around outside along the back of the house in that pile of scrap you've been saving to haul to the scrap recycling facility. Pick out one that looks like it just might run then reach over beside that pile of old tires and grab yourself a styrofoam cooler ( every good ole boy has at least a couple dozen styrofoam coolers left over from last years 4th of July). Then jump in the pick-up (if it will crank) and head on down to the convenient store and buy you some ice (block last longer).

After you return home step outside and sneak over to your neighbors house and remove some of his gutter for yer vent for the top of your air conditioning system. Then go over to the neighbor on the other side of your property and borrow some duct tape. Make sure you get a new roll cause you may need it for some other projects 6 months from now.

Just assemble exactly like the picture above and you're set. Grab your self some cornbread and some sweet tea then take a pic of yourself and show all your sweaty friends how you're livin high on the hog!

(stole this from one of my kin back in WVa hills)
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