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Pounding The Trails

Friday, July 05, 2013

" This is so tough! I run decent on the treadmill, why can't I run the same way on my own on the trail?" This was exactly what I was thinking on my first run out of the gym tonight. I felt as though I could not even make it a single mile and my legs just wanted to ooze to the ground. As I watched other runners on the trail, I noticed one common thread between them all: They were pacing themselves and making their run just that..their run. For some reason I think that I need to be running a certain pace, but the truth is, I am a beginner and I have no one to impress but myself and I must say I am very impressed with myself! I pushed the negative, unrealistic thoughts aside and paced myself.

I do not mean to sound stalkerish, but I paced and checked myself with another runner in front of me. Instead of feeling slow and that I had to keep up with her, I fell back into an easy, comfortable pace for me. Towards the end she started to go all out since she was running her pace, but that was okay. It only gave me the self determination to sprint up the hill on my way home. It was a success. Am I hurting? Yes! Do I want a nice hot shower to ease my muscles? Uh...you do not need to ask me twice!! But I hurt so good!

I honestly thought that if this is tough, what makes me think that I can conquer my half marathon in December? Really Ashley?! It is July!! You have plenty of time. All I need to do is run for me and nobody else. It is my body and my run. I would like to pass those works of advice on to you fellow Spark People. Pace yourself and you will win your race successfully no matter what it may be:)

- Ashley

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