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Changing Things Up, Again, Ergo Trying to Eat a Little Healthier

Friday, July 05, 2013

So, I've been wanting to change things up, mostly because I'm slipping into some not so healthy habits again like sneaking soda, a half a cup here and there. What's worked is eating organic food and cutting way, way down on red meats. I also cut back on processed wheat flour and cheese and milk quite a bit. But, I think my body needs to be nudged a bit.

I was reading this article, and although I don't buy into fad diets, I thought, "I could do my own version of that! And like it." So, this dude, whose name I can't remember eats vegan until 6p.m. and then eats whatever (within reason) after 6p.m. I'm not going back to eating vegan or fully vegetarian because I've re-discovered, I have a soft spot for eggs and salmon. Plus, I like cheese on very special occasions. But, I was thinking, what if I ate whole, non-processed foods until 6p.m. and then ate something that was processed within moderation? I think that would necessarily force me to eat more fresh fruit and a little more protein (though today, I could only stomach brown rice).

What happens after 6p.m. anyway, even during the school year is that I cook food from scratch. It sounds good to me, and that way, I won't be eating whole foods all the time, which is not always easy to do. And I will meet a goal that's been on the back of my mind and try to incorporate more whole foods and less processed foods. My whole foods will also include canned beans and yogurt and cottage cheese. I don't consider the last two so bad or at least my body doesn't react to them.

It's not a huge leap from where I am right now, but I want to see if that will help me eat more balanced. My husband, God bless him, brought fruit today, and I was so grateful.

My son and I came home from our 4th of July escapade with nasty colds. We were both running fevers, and we slept or rested in bed most of the day. I gotta say, even though we were both not feeling well, it was nice to rest together. Now, my husband is home, and I can shower and get some real sleep.

On the gym front, this week has been so-so for gym minutes, but I have been walking quite a bit. Tomorrow, if I'm not wheezing, I'm going for a bike ride out in nature. We are going to rural Illinois where there are fewer cars, and I'm up to the challenge (provided I'm not hacking up a lung). I never found my exercise passion, and there just enough weeks in the summer that I might make this my thing on weekends or at parks.

Finally, it turns out, I'm almost a medium. I got some things in medium and am a size 12 in a lot sizes. Did I do a major victory dance? No, because that further reinforces the idea that number goals are bull sh*t. That is to say, I have a lot of toning up to do, and I'm far from a normal BMI, about 20 pounds to be exact. But, I'm not going to stress out about it because what's the point if I'm still making healthy changes and tracking regularly? I also loosened up the purse strings and have been resizing my old clothes, especially the items I really like. I officially have no skinny anything to fit into, just some big clothes I need to resize or donate. And, my husband found the used clothes I misplaced. Woo hoo! It's like treasure hunting in your own house (yes, I clean my house regularly).
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    Sounds like your doing awesome. hope your cold goes away soon.
    1688 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/7/2013 1:59:37 PM
    As long as you are mindful of the portion, you could have a soda once in a while. Spark People isn't about deprivation, it's all about moderation and portion control. I've always felt that too many people deprive themselves of something they'd really like. Take me in the past, I'd say, no I'm going to have X because X isn't healthy. What happened next is that I'd eat everything else in sight. Had I just had a small portion of what I really wanted, I wouldn't have eaten all the other stuff.

    That's why I never gave up chocolate or cheese when I decided I wanted to lose weight. I knew I couldn't live without them. So, I just learned to be more mindful of my portion. So, if you'd really like a small can of soda, it's okay to have one. AND... Coke is making those half cans now. So, why not buy a couple of half cans ? that would be perfect portion control.

    A person should eat within reason all day, not just certain times of the day. It strikes me that after 6pm, a person could go a little crazy and end up eating too much. Some folks do take their cheat meal a bit too far. you don't have to be perfect to be healthy. It's just a matter of finding the right balance. I do still eat some foods which would be considered highly processed. Guess what ? I'm pretty healthy and I don't eat vegan. No one is perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

    I've become a big believer in moderation and portion control.


    1688 days ago
    First day went well. Actually, between my wonkers appetite (still recovering from a cold) and my poor son having a canker sore, I didn't get to eat much after 6p.m. :( I did however have decent protein grams. Anyway, I will keep at it for eight weeks and see how eating whole foods before 6 p.m. goes.
    1689 days ago
  • DEB9021
    I know what you mean. I am so much better with exercise than with watching my food. I have to constantly re-focus or I find I'm no longer getting fruits and veges like I should, slipping back into convenience foods, or making a habit of eating out too much again. The only thing I really have made a habit that I no longer have to think about is drinking water. I am always reaching for my water bottle! The rest of my eating I have to re-look at all the time to see if I'm still doing what should. Good luck with the new plan. There's no right way to do this, just a matter of finding what works best with your tastes and your lifestyle.
    1689 days ago
    emoticon Want to come over and clean mine?LOL

    I like the fact that you are sneaking soda--It sounds like you are hiding this fact from yourself.

    1689 days ago
    emoticon on your NSV emoticon
    I say try it and see if it works for you...but be gentle with yourself and give it at least 2 months so you can know for sure!
    I know a lady here who is doing the eat vegan until after 6pm and she really likes it. Like you, I am not going back vegetarian at all. I love lamb too much.

    Anyway...the key here is finding and doing what works for you emoticon

    emoticon wishes!!!
    1690 days ago
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