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How did you set YOUR goal weight?

Friday, July 05, 2013

Our Team's QOTD: How did you set YOUR goal weight? emoticon

My Answer: For me it was a complicated decision - loads of different factors:::....I was never overweight in my life until during my 2nd pregnancy; so, for me, looking back....I normally weighed 130 ( throughout high school and college ) ...but I was slim and weak...without tone...certainly NO muscle.
And I was the kinda gal that could eat whatever I wanted, and not gain a pound....hee-hee...:::don't throw those emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon at me. LOL!! That's just the way I was.

Now in college I began lifting weights/also added cardio to my lifestyle, and developed a healthy range of 135 - 140 that was very good for me. I wore a size 4...small enough for me. Truthfully I didn't care at all what I weighed....::rather I cared who won the volleyball game that weekend. emoticon ...::::or my coach's comments on my increased ability to lift the most weight.

When I decided ( now this is after 5 pregnancies and 4 births ) to choose my goal weight, I had an entirely DIFFERENT perspective by then emoticon ....a whole LOT happens to a woman's body after she becomes a mom.

My initial goal was to lose 50#. From 210 to 160. I did... then I lost another 10, and that's where it all became "interesting" ...which is a mild way of putting it. Once I arrived there, there was a different perspective to consider entirely.

I felt like a NEW woman! Indeed I was. It was time to find that "perfect" number, or so I thought. As I would later learn, that number can mean many things.....:::I realized that I needed to set a RANGE instead, and also to set athletic goals to pursue.....because I was more motivated to continue now ::::LONG:::: process if I had an athlete's goal in view.

I am so NOT motivated by a piddly black scale with numbers staring at me....Sheesh!...::::I'd rather see the finish line as I race by! emoticon

It was when I ran my first 5K, fell in love with weight lifting, discovered all of the gym equipment was like a friend, ran another race...:::fell in love with FITNESS - period.....that I began to relish LIFE and the LIFESTYLE.
Then I set a goal range based on my height, weight, BMI, total body fat%, fitness level which was by then that of an athlete, and of course how I felt about myself.
My current range is 142 - 146. Of course, this could change...::this number range doesn't hold a great deal of "weight" for me emoticon ....Lol!

It is my journey that teaches me Balance....::speaking of balance, I couldn't resist posting these pics.

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