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Change of plans...

Friday, July 05, 2013

Thunderstorms popped up, so the kayak flipping is on hold possibly until the 11th. I did get in a short dog walk this morning, followed by a short run. It was humid today, so even though I only ran 1.5 miles I was dripping sweat. I hope the rain tonight kills the humidity, but I don't expect it will. We have had such a rainy Summer so far, and it looks pretty rainy for the next week or so. I wish I could send some of this rain out West.

I made plans to go out to lunch with a friend next week on my birthday. Then I have a mall trip planned with my best friend the following week. I also have to make reservations for the sea kayaking with my niece next summer. I will do that after my birthday.

Tomorrow is a day for errands and such like. I am going to my parents' house in the late morning to make lunch for them, before taking my dad's truck to do my running around. I think I will take the opportunity to get another short run in while Cooper is being dogsat by my parents.

So, my busy day, suddenly became much emptier. I will still get in my 2 hours of exercise, but not much more, unless I hop on the elliptical for a little while. I usually have 1000 fitness minutes by this point in the month, but with Cooper only taking short walks, and the weather not cooperating for kayaking, I am falling behind where I normally am. I am not feeling guilty or anything, as I am still managing to maintain my fitness streak of 120 minutes of exercise a day. In fact, today is Day 654 of that streak. Woohoo, I rock!!
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