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Friday, July 05, 2013

Yesterday I slept in, it was beautiful. I got up at 8, hugged the cat for a while, made a healthy breakfast. My husband didn't want to eat. We had to run to the store so I could get the stuff to prep for tomorrow's dinner. At lunch, my husband really really really wanted to eat out. I've been really good, so I thought, surely I can find something healthy to eat. I ended up ordering a bowl of steamed veggies and some boneless buffalo bites. (We were at a pub). I managed to skip the beer. The veggies were great. The first bite of chicken- stone cold in the center- but cooked. So I stared slicing them all open first and poking them. I ate about 4 and decided I was mostly full. Then I saw one little one staring back at me that needed eaten (I'd had less than half the appetizer order). I went for it. It tasted like everything you can imagine bad chicken could taste like. I spit it out. They were nice enough to take it off the tab, but ew. My stomach was angry all afternoon. I had some skim milk blended with a banana and it seemed to calm my stomach. I spent the afternoon in bed with the cat. He's shaky from fire-works, so it worked out. No aerobics though, I so didn't want to be sick.

On the bright side- YAY I'm not eating everything on my plate. Quite a few times I've had almost half my food left over. I'm a finisher- or was, so this is HUGE. I know I'm full, and I stop. Once or twice I've realized I was full, had one more bite, then stopped, but it hasn't made me uncomfortably full like before. I'm also dishing up less to start with and making the hard food decisions like but these 3 things go together! but I'm only choosing to eat 2 of them. I've also been turned off of doritos lately. I have no clue why. I love doritos, but cutting out most chips surely can't hurt anything.

I'm not on the dessert kick I was before. Don't get me wrong, I have a fortune cookie after meals, but I don't have a massive bowl of ice cream. I think that's a win.

I've started trying to have at least one fruit or veggie with each meal. I've also started trying to eat them before I eat the other stuff.

oddly, I've lost no weight recently. half a pound in the last two weeks. I know I'm eating WAY less than before, and working out more. I'm eating under my weight in calories- even on most bad days. I've lost an inch around my hips, gained one around my thighs, and stayed the same on arms and waist. GRRR! It will come off. AT the very least, I'm getting healthier.

Saturday is our pot luck. We are grilling. I'm making mostly healthy stuff- grilled zucchini, red peppers casserole (red peppers sliced and baked with brown rice and topped with some cheese and lots of salsa), baked beans, and grilled fruit kabobs for dessert. I did cave and let the guys get pineapple brats for the main course. I have no clue how healthy these are, but surely one won't hurt.

Taco salad tonight. Romain, tomatoes, onions, a bit of beef, beans, cheese, and some avocado. Sounds tasty to me. Fast too.

This weekend I'll be super busy cleaning. We are having family in next week. IT's good though, right? extra calories burned!

I hope everyone else had a safe 4th!
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  Thank you!

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MOTTAMAMALOU 7/5/2013 3:52PM

    You are doing great! Your menu sounds great too!
Have a good w/e.

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