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Friday, July 05, 2013

I have been away for awhile. My story is that I was about 550 lbs. I went down to 350, had the Lapland done. I then lost another 100 lbs. I was so happy. I started having personal problems. I let everything spiral down. I am back up to 350 lbs. I feel fat, ugly, and miserable. I cannot find anything to motivate me. My mental state of mind is awful! I work, but outside of that, I have no friends, no social life. I have 3 children that are grown, and 2 grandaughters, who will be 7. Even that cannot motivate me. I get on a natural high one day, workout, and on cloud nine, then boom. I am not worth it, blah, blah, blah. Anyone one have any advice? Help!
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    We're with you all the way. Always. Hang in there!
    1689 days ago
    Everyone here has given you some good advice but I say move slowly to change. You can not change overnight it is a process. My daughter enjoyed WW she was about your size & now she is losing. Some times we need more of a push than others, just find what works for you...we are here for you.

    God bless,

    1691 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    First off look at your self as already lost 200 pounds!!!!!!!

    And never ever give up.

    Instead of trying to exercise alot at one time and then never have the energy or will to do it, exercise just 5 minutes a day and make your self do it no matter what. Just like you brush your teeth, eat a meal, ect you do 5 minutes a day.(then when your used to 5 minutes a day then go for 2 sets of 5 minutes a day, ect)

    I think the food is the hardest thing to control cause its everywhere and not much is very healthy. But in order to become healthy you have to eat fruits, veggies, beans, ect. all that processed/junk/ animal produces is wrecking havek on our bodies and we are left standing wondering what went wrong.
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    When you eat fruits and veggies you start to feel better and lose weight and you are never hungry. I would recommend reading Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman. You can also check out the team.
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    From personal experience when I eat fruits and veggies I feel great and the weight comes off and I'm not hungry. But boy when I eat pizza and chocolate it seems like I want to eat more and more and never stop and then I feel soooo awful.

    You can do it emoticon
    1691 days ago

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  • KYOUNG7077
    I know how you feel but I know together we can do this...again. I lost over a hundred pounds about 7 years ago. I got my personal training license and felt really good about myself, life and just everything. The more I worked at the gym though, I noticed the less I wanted to be there and it was once the place I loved to be. I moved out to the country and away from the gym and my support group and stopped training. I started taking antidepressants and slowly started gaining all the weight I lost back. Three years ago I got divorced and then remarried and I am heavier than I ever have been in my life and so mad at myself. It's hard starting back over again.... but we can do this. emoticon
    1692 days ago
  • CAALAN23
    I'm not going to bullet list everything you "should" do. You probably already know a lot of it and honestly, if you want to learn, it's all here at Spark and part of what makes it work is that you get on here and mill about and find what works for you, friends you can relate to and trust.

    Do that. Get out and mill about, (even if it's only online at first.) Live your life and decide first and foremost what is going to fuel your motivation. You've got to have that first. When you find it...and you will find it...make that part of your day...every day. Post it everywhere you can see. Then go for it. One tiny step at a time. Each step you take is going to get you that much closer.

    You've already had victories! Go out and grab some more!

    And I can't leave without saying that God is a major reason why I can get through each day. What you can't handle...give to Him. I was the most major skeptic of that until recently...trust me. Ask for His help too.

    Take care!
    1692 days ago
    Please read this post.
    It is so important to love yourself as you are right now. It is a lesson that I'm learning daily also. Your sister had to be so hurt herself to say such a hurtful thing to you.
    It isn't true. No one deserves for horrible things to happen to them. You are worthy of love and a healthy life. You are more than enough and you can do this. Don't worry about motivation right now, just make a plan for yourself and follow through with one step at a time. Here are some good places to start:
    1. Make an appointment with your doctor and talk about your weight gain and feelings of depression. Get a full physical, maybe something else is going wrong that is pushing your weight up?
    2. Plan your meals and your grocery list. You've got to eat right? Make a menu and stick with it. Buy fruits and veggies and eat lots of them. Nourish your body right now and honor it for the amazing vessel that is carrying you through life.
    3. Make sure you have clothes that fit and flatter you as you are right now. Dress well and wear makeup. Act as if you are where you would want to be.
    4. Cut yourself some slack. We all fall short and have to get back to where we want to be - I'd lost 45 pounds after having my baby last year. My Mom died in January and I started drinking A LOT and eating whatever I felt like and quickly gained back over half of what I lost. I'm not where I want to be but I'm not where I used to be. I honor myself for being beautiful as I am while I work toward getting to my goal. You can do this. Don't give up!
    1692 days ago
    Thank you soooo much for the comments. And I do have such hatred torward myself. Yet, I do not know why. My sister once told me, I deserve anything bad that happens to me, yet I did nothing to her for her to say that. I guess I started to believe it. And if you are wondering, I do not have a relationship with my sister any longer. Sad, but true. I only keep myself in my life-I am the only negative person I can handle. I will read and re-read these post of encouraging words. Thank you again Ladies. I know I am in the right place! emoticon
    1692 days ago
  • LESLEE33
    I truly believe weight issues are mostly mental (internal issues). You really need to believe that you deserve to be happy, and healthy, you need to love yourself and treat yourself as good as you would treat a loved one.
    When we "believe" that we're fat/ugly/unworthy we eat to shut those feelings up temporarily. Then the unhealthy cycle begins.
    It starts by taking a good look in the mirror and telling yourself, that you love yourself just the way you are now. Every day replace your negative thoughts with a positive thought. Eventually you will believe that you matter! The better you feel about yourself, weight loss won't seem like a chore. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1692 days ago
    Breathe and take it one day at a time. Choose one thing today that you can do for yourself that is a healthy, loving choice. Celebrate the 200 pounds you've lost- Wow! What an accomplishment! Right now you are doing the best for yourself that you can. Honor your heart's desire to soothe you during this difficult time, but get creative and change things up a bit.
    I've become pretty sedentary this past year and I've revolted against exercise. I've been on the Spark Solution program for three weeks and have lost 1/2 a pound- not great! So, knowing that exercise has to be part of this lifestyle change, I decided that I could tackle two birds with one stone and I got a chore app as my house has also become pretty unsightly. Each day this week I've spent about an hour on chores which gets me moving a bit more and the house is getting clean. Have I lost weight? Probably not, but I feel better.
    Hang in there and know that we're all cheering for you.
    Sending you love and light...
    1692 days ago
    I lost a little over 70 pounds here a couple years back and maintained the loss. It took me about a year to lose the weight, and I've maintained that loss for a couple years now. Even at the ripe old age of 59, it was worth it! I struggled all my life with extra weight. Although I still have arthritis in my right hip and walking is somewhat less painful, I was nearly unable to walk at all when I weighed more. So if you find your mobility is limited, or if you're experiencing ANY weight-related health problems, let health be your motivator. Quality of life matters, and believe me, life is SO much easier - no matter what crosses your path - at a healthy weight.

    Let the very quality - not to mention quantity, in terms of years - be your prime motivator, and you won't go wrong. It's a matter of looking at all this just one day - just 24 hours - at a time. If you just take it by days, and sometimes, when the going gets tough, by mere minutes of resisting temptation, you'll find yourself losing weight. All the best to you; you'll find that barring any metabolic problems - which your doctor will have already told you about if you have them - you can absolutely lose this weight.
    1692 days ago
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