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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Surely the advice to dump the old skinny-clothes - or the old now-too-big ones! - has much merit. Many people need to do this to break free of thought-processing that hinders progress.

(Oh, come ON: you KNEW that was coming! lol)....

Saving clothes does have merit.

I do save an assortment of semi-old and truly-unwearable clothing.

But not because "someday I'll be thin enough again" or even "ut oh, I'm down in weight NOW, but.... better save it just in case". My reasons are not related to weight.

The best ones to save, in my opinion, are the over-the-hill worn-out ones that you don't want to wear but can repurpose. Good ones that are wearable but not in some current plan are great donations.

First of all, let's get past the concept of "fit", since I usually buy clothes that are already too big to call a good fit. I not only want but also need lightweight, baggy, easy to slip-on-the-bod clothes -- especially when my fms is in flare. Such being the case, an item has to be REALLY baggy for me to call it too big! Clothes which actually fit are almost always uncomfortable; when I've had to dress in them I'm always eager to get home to my muumuu's! (Oh, I was in absolute clothing heaven the year I spent on Oahu! I could dress in complete comfort!)
But other reasons for saving the old clothes are more long-standing than the above. Hey, I was a size 3-5 (top-bottom; what can I say?) junior petite til after my second child was born (I was 26) when I filled out to a 7-9. Disability is where the real weight entered the scene. The main purpose of the historical account is to show:

I could have one dilly of a range of clothing sizes if I'd saved 'em all! And, yes, indeed, my clothes from vintage size ranges would fit into what I'd wear today because styles to cycle back into fashion. However, I would want and deserve NEW clothes to wear with each shrinking of the bod, so I'm not saving clothes to wear again 'someday'. Well. Let's clarify one thing: if now again a tiny lass-size, I "could" in terms of my comfort-level with style wear those clothes again now ...assuming you could handle seeing a 63-year-old woman in a size 3jr pet mini-skirt?!

Rest assured, the mini-skirt collections are long gone; they were given away! As were the granny skirts, even the neat tapestry one...

If a clothing item is not really 'great' in condition it becomes GREAT for this and other purposes! Whether those not-fitting items of more recent vintage are too large or too small, many of them remain tucked away here or there, assigned to a location according to the reason saved! Most of my old clothes are no longer recognizeable in its original form; most handily await use in the former-clothing rag pile that comes in quite handy. How many time HAVE these rag collections come in handy? Lost track! Mother of two now-grown sons I long ago discovered that grease-monkeys always need rags. Worn-out, formerly-fitting clothes perform well in household, driveway, and garage clean-ups! Old clothes nestle nicely in the rag bin right alonside the old frayed sheets that grew so soft that... rrrrrripppp... they just no longer belonged on the bed. All those assorted sizes and texture await repurposing opportunities.
*Packing clean dishes/glasswear, so that when moving (or putting items back on shelves after a messy do-it-yourself project) they're ready to put into cabinets.
*using in sewing projects or crafts (I sewed patchwork clown costumes for my sons AND a few of their friends from fabrics in my rag-bin.)
*taking in seams to continue wearing.

So while the general advice
to toss the non-fitting clothes has merit, DO consider saving for repurposing those items that you just might need in some other form. I've mentioned just a few reasons to hang onto the clohes that no longer fit.

Here note an exception: if you find yourself using ANY of the above reporpose ideas as an excuse to save without intention to reporpose?: then ... ditch the clothes and move forward. Remember to donate the cleaned useable items to a worthy charity!
Do you ditch them or repurpose them? or... save 'em "just in case..."?
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