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Health report, good and not so good...

Thursday, July 04, 2013

I still have a body fat over the norm for my age, etc. which takes away 14 points from a perfect 100 score, but my cholesterol ratio is not as good as last year which brings my total health score lower than last year. Last year was 84 and this year is 72 which puts me in a different category for discount on my health insurance so the discount will be less, though I will still save something on my insurance and the max discount for my husband who was exempted due to his dementia and related short term memory difficulties. His cholesterol ratio last year was 6.7:1 and mine is 4.0: 1 which are both above the norm. His doctor and my health counselor recommended reducing carb intake including things with sugar and white rice. I also need to get back to exercising, as I have not been as active this past year.

My ortho doctor who did my knee replacements said I have patellar tendinitis and at my request has ordered therapy twice a week for up to 8 weeks to work on quad strengthening. After my second knee replacement while in therapy 6 weeks after surgery I had a large tear in the right incision in the quad. I have gotten so deconditioned that I can barely go up and down stairs (I can do it but very slowly) and when I attempt walking any distance around a mile or so, I have quite bad pain due to the strain on my tendons.

I have to get back to the quad exercises again and never quit unless I want to end up in a wheelchair like some people I know. Before my knee replacements I used a cane or a walker for about 10 years and don't want to go back there. I was in terrible shape and the doctor's nurse said I was very "deconditioned" and before she said the word she said, "I don't want to sound insulting." (It is the truth, however, and she did not insult me, just said the truth.) I have had this severe pain for over 2 years. She said the doctor said I have probably had it "since day one." I probably had it before the knee replacements. And I reiterate, I don't want to go there again. I know I can do it but I have to have a strong commitment to keep going and not become complacent (again). emoticon

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