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Reasons or excuses?

Thursday, July 04, 2013

So there I was doing so well with my weight loss because of the really great choices I made until I made a deal I should never have. I know myself, I cannot make deadline reasons to lose weight like an up-and-coming wedding, boat cruise etc. As long as I've known myself, that's a sure way to jeopardize what I'm doing. But there you go, even knowing this about myself, I still got caught up in the excitement of possibly winning a boat cruise for 2.
Now. I'm not blaming the cruise....just myself.

I lost 15 kgs just making life style changes and eating healthy foods and adding boot camp exercises 3 times a week. Then the boat cruise came up and I got all excited. From the beginning of March to the end of May I lost 15 kgs. Since the beginning of June I have lost a mere .3 grams how crazy is that. Suddenly I'm finding myself doing boot camp 5 days per week which now requires that I add carbs and bingo.....off the rails I go.

Oh I know its not the carbs fault, again, its mine. But considering that I was/am pre-diabetic and was taken off carbs.....I shouldn't have gotten myself all overexcited and changed my program, it was working for me and what I'm doing now is not.

On top of everything, my mom is due (1 Aug) to have a knee replacement op. She is beyond afraid she will die on the table. She has phobias about operations, flying, lifts etc. She is FREAKING out and reeking havoc in my life and emotions. Again, I cannot control who she is, so I have to control who I am and what I eat. Big sigh for people who have no control over their emotions and impact others. I wish she was able to be cross at the situation and not me....but aaah, if wishes were horses...beggars would ride.

So this morning I got back into some "digging deep" within myself for some self control.....so far so good, but I have to wait till tonight to see what will transpire.

On Sunday dh and I went off to the kids in the next town. The plan was to have lunch together and then go off to the Percheron horses. Well.....that didn't happen.

We did have lunch with the kids and they were paying. Based on that, I didn't want to choose an expensive meal so I ordered just what they did....the special of the day.....which was ridiculous for me. I ended up farming the top of the prego steak roll off on Justin and the chips off on Cole which left me very little food to eat in the end. Bu of course its never just one meal that gains the kilos. Just as one good meal can't make you thin, neither can one bad meal make you fat. I know that!

The bad news is that when I did sneak a look at the menu (which I should have taken 5 minutes to do in the beginning) they had a roasted veggie salad for THE SAME PRICE as the prego steak roll....rolling my eyes at myself.

The good news was that the restaurant was a delightful little beach front place. Service was slow, but its designed to bring the pace down and just chill. You walk up these stairs so when you get to the restaurant you are elevated and the beach is below you.

That allowed us to watch the seagulls flying about catching bits of bread or whatever people threw over the balcony.

We spotted IRON MAN enjoying a break between movies. LOL

While having lunch, the Percheron stud farm called to say they have to cancel the ride on the horses because they had sold 3 and the new owners were coming to fetch them. They were short staffed and "all hands were needed on deck" to help load them which meant that there was no one to harness Bobby. While they are gentle giants, neither did she want Bobby (the horse used for the cart rides) running around neighing after the 3 being boxed. I grew on a horse farm so I know exactly what she was talking about. Still, I thought I would go and photograph the giants being loaded onto a horse truck.....something different. I relay this to the kids and Justin and all was well.

We went off to the point to feed the Hyrax. Last time when my friends were down, they came pretty close to me and then I heard they eat out your hand, so that's what I wanted to do feed them. I sent the kids to the shop to buy me some bread or whatever they could get....which ended up being peanuts.

Initially the Hyrax were sitting on the rock faces just staring at us....but I guess the smell of the peanuts was more than they could stand, and pretty soon we were surrounded by these tiny, smelly little creatures.

They actually have dear little faces.

Sadly after just a few seconds of feeding them we spotted this sign.

I can see why...one delightful little Hyrax caught my finger in its teeth while trying to get a peanut out of my hand......fortunately it just caught the flesh and didn't break the skin....because who knows what diseases they carry which I have possibly no immunity toward. I'm getting crazier as I get older. I now do things I used to warm my kids against.

I should have left them to their leaves which they were enjoying before I started messing with the diet.

But after that sign, I had to naturally stop feeding them....so what to do with the remaining peanuts? Cole had a great idea....trade places with the Hyrax.

This poor guy seems to have been in the wars. It may have been mating season and then their is always the fight for the best smelly lady. emoticon

We dropped the kids at their home and got given a quick demonstration of Nikki's piano skills. My sons are musicians and do gigs regularly. Nikki decided that rather than sit on the sidelines, she would learn an instrument and join them. Since both my sons play drums and guitar, she decided to learn piano/keyboard. Its still very amateurish sounding obviously, but I loved her efforts to play for me in such early days of her abilities.

Spending the extra time listening to her piano efforts, meant we ended up missing the percherons loading. But it was worth it, she may be around in my future and the horses will not. So priorities had to take place....much as I would have LOVED to see the giants loading.

So last month was not my best weight loss month, having made some really bad choices, allowing life to put a dampener on my decisions. But July is a new month with new efforts and new possibilities. After all.....we all know this cartoon clip very well and its very true.

As long as this cartoon doesn't become my life's choices, I'll be okay.

Anyway boot camp starts again next week Monday and Rico will knock the stuffing out of me.
So I had better eat right this week or I will feel pathetic on day 1....I may feel pathetic on day 1 anyway. I was saying to my sister that the first day I went to boot camp I was SO excited. Now its like day 1 again, but this time I KNOW how hard it is and I'm more nervous than excited.

Anyway, that's my weekend done, bad choices made, paying the price and starting again.
July WILL be better.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I LOVED the pictures!! emoticon
    1688 days ago
    My goodness! Those little critters look like vampires! I am so glad that they didn't pierce your skin!

    I hope your Mom can settle down about the surgery. If she needs it, she can't blame you!

    That was so nice to listen to Nikki's piano playing.

    Have a wonderful day Sis!
    1690 days ago
    Lovely blog, thanks for sharing emoticon
    You and the family seemed to have a great time.
    This was a fun "outing" for me ,loved those little kritters , but the teeth look pretty
    sharp. Glad no blood was drawn. emoticon

    1691 days ago
  • GINA180847
    Such an interesting blog, Celest. I just don't know what to say about the carbs. Counting calories does work for me but I don't suffer much and it shows on the scale. I am still a good 20 lbs. away from goal but like the clothes I am wearing and life is awfully good. Went to the city to see a neurologist yesterday for hubby's tremors and got a diagnosis and some meds were prescribed. I hope this works as he is quite unhappy with not being able to do much. He was always a very active man before and now with the tremor being so bad and his osteoarthritis driving him mad he can be very cranky. We had a wonderful visit with our daughter's 5 yr. old twins who are such lovely children. They fell in love with our two dogs and the dogs responded like gangbusters. Totally wonderful!!!! I am so proud of my daughter who is 45 this yr. decided to have the twins after her husband begged for a long time and has become an awesome mom.
    1693 days ago
    Yes it will!
    You look amazing, you feel great, of course you can keep marching on this road.
    Just DO it CELEST!
    1693 days ago
    Loved all the pictures

    I also agree with BOOKWERME , you need to find the right balance in your life.
    The contest was a bad idea, I am the same with that kind of stuff.
    The best weight removal I ever had was a time in my life when I was Happy, I found Joy in living, did my exercise everyday and ate to fuel my body. It works.

    mmmm wonder why I don`t try that LOL

    Thanks for the great blog, I am rooting for your you, I know you are going to be just fine.

    1693 days ago
    Great pics.
    1694 days ago
    back to some great workouts

    loved your pictures as usual and the commentary

    I also liked what BOOKERME had to say ..

    keep moving
    1694 days ago
    Looking forward to reading your victory blog at the end of July! emoticon emoticon
    1694 days ago
    Looking forward to reading your victory blog at the end of July! emoticon emoticon
    1694 days ago
    You say the zero carbs was working for you and it was for a while, BUT I recall at the check in for the last round of boot camp you had gone up on everything..remember?...and no one could explain it at first. THAT was not working...so you adjusted. You had to because your body demanded what it needed to function under the intense exercise regime you had implemented. The changes you make along the way have to suit what you are currently doing. Switching things up will probably keep your body from getting too complacent about whatever program you try...the pros say our bodies get used to things..and then don't function at the top level. So, some changes from time to time should be good if they are based on good choices. emoticon

    Loved the photos...glad you enjoyed the outing. Sorry your mother is in such distress...and you have nearly a full month till the surgery!! emoticon
    1694 days ago
    Challenges and plateaus-if only we could keep making the best choices EVERY time, stay in control ALL the time and keep moving in the direction we want to at the pace we want to....
    thanks for sharing your thoughts. The pics are great-beautiful place. Hang in there, you're just taking the scenic route, but you are on the way!!
    1694 days ago
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