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The Rough-Cut

Thursday, July 04, 2013

After four years of work, Dan White of Florentine Films http://www.florentinefilms.com
?DJW.html~mainFrame and his assistant Alex Cucchi presented their rough cut of the documentary Monadnock, The Mountain That Stands Alone to the Rabbit Ear Films Board of Directors.
What is a Rough-Cut?
According to Dan White, “ROUGH CUT (Blind Assembly) based purely on the script is complete and ready for viewing. The current cut is 2 hours and 48
minutes. There are many changes/cuts that I can see already. (Rough cut - first assembly of a film which the editor prepares from selected takes, in
script order, leaving the finer points of timing and editing to a later stage. This does not have photos/music/or live footage. Just talking heads, Voice
over and Narration)
Our rough-cut was similar to a radio show. Staff members were able to make recommendations for cuts, and revisions to the storyboard. My favorite part was hearing Dave Anderson of the Forest Society http://www.forestsociety.org/ talk about taking his son to the summit of Monadnock.

The process for finishing the film is complicated! We are moving forward in this process that I’ve listed below.
With the advent of digital video editing software and non-linear editing systems (NLE), video goes through a number of stages between shooting on video tape and broadcast on television. The low cost of video tape has led to a huge quantity of shot content, and it is often not economical for the skilled video editors to use this raw content directly. A number of the preliminary stages can be undertaken by lower cost staff, or people less skilled in using expensive and sophisticated editing equipment such as directors. An example workflow is given below:
Digitizing: Ingesting the material into a digital computer allows the video to be handled much more simply than when it is on its original tape
Logging: Logging the shot material allows particular shots to be found more easily later
Offline editing Video Fx
Initial Assembly: The selected shots are moved from the order they are filmed in into the approximate order they will appear in the final cut.
Rough cut: More shot selection, approximate trimming. The sound is untreated, unfinished, and will require sound editing. Often dialogue and sound effects will be incomplete. Titles, graphics, special effects, and composites are usually represented only by crude placemarkers. Colors are untreated, unmatched, and generally unpleasant.
Final cut: The final sequence of images and sound are selected and put in order.
Online editing: The picture and sound quality of the program is adjusted and brought to their optimum levels.
Mix: Audio is finished by a specialist with equipment in acoustically-treated rooms.
Learn more about our documentary at our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/rabbi
Learn more about Daniel J. White at http://www.florentinefilms.com
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