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Reminding myself to eat thoughtfully

Thursday, July 04, 2013

One of my problems with food is that I like having a lot of variety in every meal, every bite. I enjoy food a lot, and I'm lucky enough to always have so many options in my kitchen, so I end up with a little of everything on my plate. Which translates to way more total food than I really need, or REALLY want if I stop and think about it, in one sitting.

For some reason, I don't seem able to remind myself of this perfectly reasonable-after-I'm-full fact as I'm loading up my plate...

So some things to help me recognize what I'm doing before it happens and avoid it--
1) Variety is peachy keen, but only take a little of each thing, and put it on my plate to begin with (rather than eating directly out of the bag of chips, etc). Use a smaller plate or bowl, too, so I don't feel like I have room for more.
2) Add variety in fruits & veggies, not in chips, pretzels, soy bacon, handfuls of nuts, etc. (Tonight I had a veggie hot dog ... with cherries, tomatoes, raw zucchini, and two little pears. My variety-tooth was totally satisfied, I felt full, and didn't go over my calorie goals.)
3) Remind myself that I don't need to have that food item now, just because it's there. I can eat this veggie dog (or whatever) tonight, and have that quesadilla tomorrow. It's not going anywhere.
4) Have a cup of tea in the evening, then brush my teeth -- my ability to remember long-term goals and avoid bingeing is absolutely gone after about 8pm. A cup of tea is basically water (I don't like sugar, milk, honey, or anything else so it's just a tea bag and boiling water) but feels like a treat. And brushing & flossing feels final - who wants to have a snack after they're minty fresh for the night?
5) The ol' "drink a glass of water before a meal" trick. It actually works. If nothing else, it takes a little time, and during the interval my conscious, non-bingey brain gets a chance to speak up.

I was mostly able to put these things in practice today.
Successes -- brushed my teeth at 9, didn't want to eat later than that; getting variety from veg instead of fatty, salty, oily sides; lastly, water.
Failures -- ate chili cheese Fritos (UGH but they're exactly my worst craving - salt, cheese, corn, fried crunch, I wish I knew how to quit you) straight out of the bag. Not only did I end up eating way more than I really wanted, it made it a lot harder to measure and track what I DID eat.

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PAULAAUTUMN 7/5/2013 7:19AM

    Sounds like a good plan to me and one that is workable.
Don't fret over the Fritos we all do things like this the important thing is to learn from it.

emoticon emoticon

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