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My MisAdventures

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Today started out okay but somewhere it went bad. It was like I had a emoticon over my head.

I noticed some water in my mother's basement yesterday and had called the plumber. He's my neighbor and a nice guy so he called to say he could come by around 11. Oh okay, change the plans with Mom (we were going to look at plants.) emoticon

Plumber came and couldn't figure out what was going on. Said the plug on the pump might have been not tightly plugged in. Everything worked fine. No overflow. Great! Said he wouldn't charge me. Double great!

Off I went with my list of errands.
Ran into Target to get my niece a birthday present. Bought some gum. Walking out (at high speed) of course, couldn't find gum in bag, turned to walk back, kept digging, found gum, spun around and a little girl crashed into me and she ended up loosing her flip flop. Oops! So sorry. emoticon

Go to grocery store next. Park and cell rings. Agency asking about coverage tomorrow. Tell scheduler that I already talked to owner about it like 2 weeks ago.

Getting some green beans and plastic bag rips and beans fall on floor. So sorry. emoticon

At check out, cell rings again. Caregiver arriving at Mom's, can't get in, wants to know where she is. Really?? I said I am checking out will be there in 5 minutes. emoticon

Walk out to car, put groceries in, put the carriage in the coral and then notice that my car has been hit. Not a lot of damage but very aggravating! emoticon
A young woman comes up to me and must have noticed me muttering and said that she hit my car and was leaving a note. Gee thanks. Asked her what happened and she didn't answer. I'm guessing there was a cell phone involved.

Got home and called insurance and did all that happy horse do-do so that I could get the appraisal done. According to the paperwork that the insurance company sent me I only have 6 days to file it to the DMV.

I have only had two incidents with my car in 8 years and both were in the same parking lot. It's either a dangerous place or I am there too often. emoticon
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