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nobody likes a back seat driver, club chat, July 3

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

here it is wednesday morning once again! This summer seems to be flying by if you ask me! It seems like just yesterday that I was having troubles staying on track, and it is actually a week ago already...

The club weigh in was all over the place, just as I expected it to be , what with having the holiday monday in there. Quite a few gains in the club this week....but I am happy to report that one gain was not from this gal! I did manage to lose 1.5 lbs by doubling up my efforts of exercise and very diligent with my food choices over the 4 days after my 3 days of being wayyyyyyyyyy off track. I am very satisfied with my efforts for the week, even though it would have been a lot more if I hadn't had the troubles.

Today, we talked about back seat drivers. Nobody likes a back seat driver, and sometimes we become our own backseat driver! We become far to criticak of ourselves and our behavior. I know that from my own expierences this past week..

I was extremely hard on myself when I blew my food allowances...and I believe, being that hard on myself made me blow my food alllowances even more the following day! Once I toned down on berating myself, though I still wasn't back in control, I was closer to being in control again. The following day, I was back in control again.

Some people don't think about how we treat ourselves in the cause and effect way, but they all tie together. What originally set me off last week was the news of having to wait so long for my surgery date, but what kept that going, as much as I hate to admit it, was the self abuse that I put myself through.

Others in the club were in agreence with my thinking today, as they related their own self abuse thoughts after this monday. A couple members tossed all their calorie minding, proper food choices, exercise regimes out the window Friday night, getting ready for holiday monday. As I had predicted, people heading "up the lake" to cabins, or down to seashore camps, for the traditional celebrations of Canada Day. Big feasts of all the cookout favorites, no holds barred!

One member even said she made all her food choices for the holiday weekend with regular mayonnaise, rather than her usual low calorie mayonnaise. So not only were her food choices leaving some things to be desired but she adding a ton of calories to her burgers, hotdogs, potato salad, and coleslaw! And beat herself all day yesterday and this morning. She was up 8 pounds for all her fun and letting her choices change.

Graeme stated that while he stayed away from the potato salads and other choices because he was not sure how and what they were made with, he was still tripped up by attending a BBQ away from home. The hostess had added in all kinds of extra hidden fats and calories into the foods he did choose. Not suspecting a thing, he gobbled up the wonderful tastes that were before him on the buffet!...Only to find out by taking his blood sugars, that there were many hidden things. His blood sugars were out of control all day yesterday as well, as some foods do remain with us diabetics longer than with other people. He also referred to this as another example of back seat driving by someone else...

Which is true. Some people can not help themselves by thinking that "oh just one cookie won't hurt you" or " they would never notice if I add this 1/4 cup sugar in for better flavor". Second helpings are irresistable when it takes good and we think theres nothing in it we can't have because, after all, the hostess haas just told us she made it with our healthy choices in mind...... And all these little things add up to "taking our car somewhere we didn't want it to go to" Back seat driving.

You may believe that you don't say a lot of negative things about yourselfor that you do not belittle yourself in front of others....but you may have another think coming. Our "challenge" for this week, is to drop a penny, dried bean, whatever we choose into a jar, everytime we have even the slightessnegative thought,.. some others decided that they would journal any thoughts they have for the week....either way, next week we will see if those that said they do not do the "beating themself up" thing, actually do without them realizing it.

Awareness, that is the biggest first step. By listening to the way you treat yourself, carefully listening to what your mind is telling you, you can change your negative thinking by replacing those negative thoughts with more positive ones. Positive affirmations can keep the back seat driver in your head from ruining "your trip"

Tell yourself that you CAN be successful! You can, you know you can, and we all know you can too...you just have to BELIEVEyou can and not backseat drive yourself!

Have a super day emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are welcome Lila, yes it is surprising what some people will add to foods at times. and you don't really taste it cause it blends in so well with the other ingredients.
    I found out a few years ago that a friend of mine always adds a few tablespoons of sugar to her meat marinades, whether they are for the bbq or for chinese style ccooking...she says it helps tenderize the meats as well as add to the flavors.
    she also adds sugar to peas, corn, carrots and other veggies.
    I had always wondered why my blood sugars were up when I came home from a meal at her house. Now I know and don't accept invites to her house for meals anymore. When I found out her tricks I commented on it and she stated that "that was the way she cooks and she wasn't changing for anyone. She didnt want her hubby thinking her cooking was "off" when they had company over"

    Certainly know the priorities in her life....hope her hubby never becomes diabetic.
    1663 days ago
    Hey Bear,
    awesome blog, and meeting. Thanks for sharing, all we need sometime is to realize and have it pointed out to us what we are actually doing.

    I read (almost with disbelief) that some people would actually do things like add sugar to something unexpected to make it taste better.... Thanks for eye-opener...
    1663 days ago
    Thanks Amy! yes , sometimes it is tough to go through holiday weekends without a lot of extra calories. We are, I guess you could say, "trained" to "feast" on holidays from so far back in the past of mankind, that it almost seems inbred and a natural behavior to have.

    Enjoy your 4 day weekend! take care
    1664 days ago
    It's way too easy to let yourself go during a holiday - that's for sure! But congrats to you for being one of the losers!! You did great!!

    I'll have to remember not to let my backseat driver take over. Our US holiday is tomorrow, but I've chosen to work since hubby has to work and then I'll have a four day weekend - not going back to work until Tuesday. Now I just have to remind myself that a long weekend can still be fun without consuming lots of extra calories!
    1664 days ago
    hee hee emoticon
    1664 days ago
    I truly believe!!
    1664 days ago
    thank you!

    1664 days ago
    1664 days ago
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