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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

This last weekend we attended church like we do most every Sunday. The sermon was really good and it had me thinking about faith. NOT the kind of faith for in church or relationship spiritually but faith in myself and the type of faith it took to step out of my comfort zone and lose weight.

I have always had a weight problem and an addiction to food. I still do to this day. I want to eat. I want to eat all the time. I think about donuts and chocolate and eating donuts and chocolate milk. I'm one of those people that it's "all or nothing" mentality. I can't just eat "one bite" of a donut or a "one sip" of chocolate milk. I have to eat the entire thing. This all or nothing mentality is what helped me get this weight off, because I've been so strict with my eating...but lately I'm just stuck in this mentality to where I'm thinking about this food and eating whatever I want and throwing out my healthy eating plan. Right now I have the "it's not fair" mentality. I mean, seriously, it's NOT FAIR!! There is a nurse who works in my area who eats whatever an whenever she wants. She is thin as a rail, doesn't exercise one iota and just makes me want to punch her in the face! (Kinda violent I know right??!!)

I thought maybe I could try "stepping out in faith" and try to believe in myself that it would be "OK" to eat a donut...I mean, just one and maybe just one glass of chocolate milk?? I have lost a lot of weight and I think I'm deserving of this kind of treat. But can I control myself? Can I only eat one and only drink one glass? I don't know and that is what scares me...what if?? what if I fail? What if I can't control myself?

The sermon at church really got to me. They were talking about Peter and his faith (or lack of faith) while he was in the boat out on the water with Jesus. The disciples saw Jesus walking on the water during the storm. Jesus called out to Peter and at first Peter was able to have enough faith to walk out to Christ...but then he wavered and he started to sink. He was scared. He lost faith and he sank.

I just want to have enough faith to take that first allow myself faith in myself to step out of the boat.
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  • BRADMILL2922
    Wow Melissa! I think you kind of summed up a lot of our fears in this blog! I know you hit on mine. I am an all or nothing kind as well and have had the success I have had because I have been really hard on myself and not allowing any of it. I don't have cheat meals. I don't have cheat days. That is what works for me. But, like you, now I am confronted with the what if questions. What if I can't stop at one? What if it reverts me back? What if, what if, what if...

    But let me ask you a what if Melissa. What if you hadn't last the weight you have and you wanted to eat that donut and drink that milk? Wouldn't you be unhappy with where you are while eating that donut and drinking that milk? But guess what? You don't have to wonder about that what if because you have lost the weight! You know what you are doing. If you have one donut and don't stop at one...guess what? That is only one day! So what if you fail that test! It isn't the end of the journey! You learn from it and you move forward to the next test! You haven't gotten to where you are today by failing every test and you sure haven't gotten here by passing everyone either! Don't be afraid to fail! Step out, live the "new you" life and if you fall, GET BACK UP! I have faith in you!
    1689 days ago
    It only take "faith" the size of a mustard seed to remove mountains; (mountains of doubt, stress, fear, etc") Our faith continues to grow and get stronger as we allow God to direct our steps. Proverbs 3:5,6

    God loves to grow our faith in all areas of our life; and it pleases him as we recognize who he is and pledge to trust him. He diligently rewards those that do.

    Thank you for you blog, new friend. I really believe you are going to make this trip successfully as you walk this journey in faith as he directs and leads.

    Glad we are friends traveling this journey together. emoticon
    1694 days ago
    I haven't been to church in years. There are a number of reasons that I don't go in spite of what amounts to a very strong faith in Yahweh and His son Yeshua. I should be reading my Bible more regularly as part of my weight loss journey if for no other reason than it is a de-stressing activity that gives me hope.

    At the same time, I wouldn't personally advise testing your addiction the way that you're mentioning in this blog post. There are other ways that you can step out in faith when it comes to your weight loss goals, like trusting G-d to carry you through the worst cravings, and leaning on Him when you face the strongest temptation. That is faith.

    I've never struggled with a serious addiction like alcohol or drugs, but I was a smoker for fifteen years. When I quit, I knew that it had to be all or nothing. Letting myself have one cigarette here or there was more than a temptation; it was putting an addictive substance back into my body which would naturally trigger the addiction process again.

    Certain foods (in particular carbohydrates) have addictive qualities to them that will keep you eating them because the absence of these chemicals in your body causes withdrawal symptoms. You are much, much better off without that donut, not because one donut or one glass of chocolate milk is going to blow your entire diet, but because that one donut and/or glass of chocolate milk is going to make you want to have another, and then another, and *that* will blow your diet.

    So step out in faith and know that G-d will hold you and lift you up through the times that it's at its hardest.
    1695 days ago
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