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"Ya, well, you're FAT!"

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

This blog is really just a rant about stupid people. Nothing productive to say, just want to get this out of my system.

Why is it that during an argument, when someone has nothing else to say about you they resort to "ya, well, you're fat"?

My boyfriend has a friend, who has a girlfriend, who is a C word (I mentioned this in a previous blog). She is controlling, manipulative, a cheater, liar, and petty. She's 21 years old but believes she's God's gift to the earth, knows everything and is better than all other beings. She has been hurling some pretty nasty insults at my boyfriend, because he said he doesn't like her, and now he's becoming angry. I decided to send her a text to 1) say how I felt about her and 2) to tell her she ought to stop. Since that moment, yesterday at about 1pm, she has texted me every few minutes with a different insult. The main one is "well you're fat, your boyfriend is a chubby chaser, and I love watching your neck roll". Hmm.

My only response to that is "wow, I've really upset you haven't I? Get over it and stop texting me, I'm at work - I have a real job". What she doesn't understand is that I've been called names my whole life and it really has no affect on me now. All through elementary school I was called "The Beast". My mother has always commented on my weight. My grandmother has always said "why don't you have some water instead, you don't need to eat right now". My dad called me a "Lard Ass" on one occasion - which has stuck with me for 10 years. All through high school I was the fat girl. My entire life I've been the fat sibling. During every argument I can recall in my life, the one common denominator has been my weight. I truly do wonder why it is no one can come up with a better insult.

I know I'm fat. I know that I have 45 lbs to lose. I've already lose 9 of those 45 lbs. My weight has absolutely no impact on what kind of person I am. I would rather be a fat, kind hearted, smart, talented, caring, independent, successful woman than some cold hearted, cheating, lying, manipulating, freeloading, fake bitch! So while I take the high road and ignore her comments and respond with something like "are you still texting me? an hour after I told you I was at work and don't care to hear the insults you are trying to come up with to make me feel as pathetic as you feel right now?" and get something back like "at least I look good", it lets me know that I've won the argument.

The best analogy I can come up with is this:

She is like a mosquito. Small, pesky, blood sucking and hated by everyone. She swarms around you irritating you. You swat her away but she keeps coming back and nipping at you, doing no damage whatsoever to you, just irritating you. You know at any second you could squash her, because you're bigger, stronger, more powerful. But you think that just maybe she will learn to stop swarming and fly away so you continue to swat her away and let her live, hoping she'll learn the lesson. Note: Mosquitos will never learn the lesson. They will always be blood sucking, small, pesky, and hated by everyone. It's best just to squash dead in their tracks.
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  • LORRIE12341
    Hang in there!
    1626 days ago
    Trust me karma is a bitch and what goes around does come around with a wallop. From now on just be nothing but Mary Sunshine and confuse the crap out of her. Hope your day gets better .....
    1627 days ago
    I am speechless. Some people are mentally effed up... and sounds like she is one of them! (PS... You are beautiful! Don't let anyone make you think otherwise!!!)
    I'm sorry about all the hurtful things you've been called in the past. Our society is messed up! (Your story with your family, reminds me of what my sister likely went through. She was always the bigger one of the two of us!) emoticon
    1628 days ago
    Please continue to ignore her and her texts! So immature and just plain petty. Looking at your profile pix my are gorgeous..inside and out. Unfortunately, we have all met people like this...they steal our happiness...walk away. emoticon
    1628 days ago
    *** Update*** this girl sent me text messages ever few minutes for FOUR (4) HOURS with no response from me! WOW.
    1628 days ago
    Some people are just crazy -- yikes!! Sounds like she's got some issues, and I've found it's best to just ignore those types of people and avoid engaging them in the first place. Take the higher road -- she's obviously not someone that you should care what they have to say about anyone or anything -- and let her fizzle out until she finds someone else to direct her venom towards.
    1628 days ago
    You're awesome for alot of reasons, not the least of which is standing up to this c-word, and for having the strength to ignore her pathetic attempts to put you down. It really is better to be all of those things you mentioned, versus being some skinny b-word who has no respect for anyone else. Good on ya! :-D
    1628 days ago
    You are very pretty! you and your boyfriend make a gorgeous couple. She may be thin but looks only last so long
    1628 days ago
    I hate people like that. His friend should probably do somethign about good:/
    1628 days ago
    I love the C word, but I generally put the F word before it. The picture of you with your glasses on is awesome. The girl you describe is kind of like my lady freind's daughter, snobbish, mean and better than everyone. People like that will always get back more than what the dish out. Her day will come. You look great!
    1628 days ago
    I remember making the same mistake you just did...with a person someone like this 21 year old mean girl.
    You engaged her in a texting her your feelings about her in the first place, and trying to tell her to stop being a jerk to your boyfriend.
    That never works.
    That just gives these people a new target to go after. She got defensive and blasted back.
    It's up to your boyfriend to figure out how to handle his situation with her. You are powerless here. Rather...all you can do is support your boyfriend in his decision.
    As long as his friend keeps daily deciding to keep this pretty but nasty girlfriend around...this is what YOUR boyfriend can expect.
    One choice HE has is to limit his time with his friend until his friend gets some guts and dumps the mean girl. Right now he likes her looks so much he's willing to put up with her being an aweful person to him...and his friends.

    If I were you I would drop the rope and never engage her again.
    1628 days ago
    Oh wow, that's ridiculous. Makes me glad I have no drama in my life!

    I think I have mostly blocked out all the insults from elementary school and junior high... but one in particular sticks out in my mind... this little jerk asked me how to spell Chrissy, and when I responded, he said, "Nope. It's U-G-L-Y."

    Still ticks me off to this day, because not only was it mean, it was also clever. Little ass.
    1628 days ago
    I'm sorry you are having to put up with that. Words are hurtful, even if they come from someone you know is talking outta their ____. Know that you aren't any of those things she said and beautiful! Just think, this girl has honestly nothing better to do with her life than dedicate her time to tear down others. Which only means she is the one who the one we should feel sorry for. You are so much better than her, and if there's anything I've tried to instill in my kids; bullies will always be bullies, they need to tear down others to feel better about themselves. But when you stop giving them the attention they crave, they move on (eventually). Hope she gives up soon!
    1628 days ago
    Oooooomg yes.. I hate people and their retorts. I've always been fat so that's always been what people scolded me and insult me about. If I get into a fight with someone, they will always pull the fat card. It's like yes well I may be fat, but I can change my weight. You can't change your horrible personality and your black mind.
    1628 days ago
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