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Kick Your Sweet Tooth Challenge!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Since I started Spark, I think the one habit I've really been able to stick with is fitness. I LOVE working out and working out hard. I love being active. I know I will be doing this the rest of my life. And while yes I am working towards a better body looks wise and to drop weight, that is not why I work out. I work out because I enjoy being an athlete. I enjoy pushing my body and seeing what it can do, and I love the feeling after a good hard workout. I'm hooked on working out and that's no secret. emoticon

So since I have that area of my life in place, I really need to focus on my diet now. I eat healthier than I ever have before since joining Spark a year ago but I have the worse sweet tooth, and I have really gotten bad about eating junk sweets (think cupcakes, brownies with icing, pastries, whatever and whenever.) Yes, this is why I can burn a 1000 calories in a day and still not drop any weight. I eat them all back and more! I find it a successful week when I don't gain any weight after all the junk I put in my body.

Well, this week has been kind of a wake up call for me because my step dad got diagnosed with pre-diabetes. He has a sweet tooth just like me. He's also very active. He has a hot oil truck business and does manual labor outside all day 6 days a week. Only takes a day off on Sundays and even those days, he sometimes spends outside working in his shop or working on the yard and stuff. So physically, he's fit. He is overweight but not obese. And seeing this, I can see my future. I can workout all I want to but if I continue to eat the way I have been, I will probably end up with pre-diabetes or full blown diabetes too, and I don't want that.

You just can't outwork a bad diet. So onto the challenge. I started this yesterday actually and was successful despite having 4th of July cupcakes in my house! *Woop Woop* *Holla!* Ok, I'm sorry, I know I'm obnoxious. :P

So I want to go 30 days with no white sugar at all. I'm also going to try to limit the processed foods that I eat. So why 30 days? Well, I'm trying to form a new habit, and I believe it takes something like 27 days to form a new habit so I thought 30 days would be perfect. Also, telling yourself you can never have something again is probably a recipe for disaster or it is for me. I'm hoping that by the end of the 30 days, I will have formed a new habit and kicked my addiction to sugar. And that I will be able to actually have a bite of cake or a half a cupcake and call it a day. You know everything in moderation. In all honesty though, I don't even know if I will go back to white sugar. It's just bad. But right now I'm saying no to all of it!

So if you want to join me that would be awesome! We could update how it's going on our blogs and help each other out if we're having a tough day. I even made a little graphic using picmonkey. So if you want to join me, then let's do it!

And we will kick our sugar addictions to the curb for good!!

And if this is already your life, as I know a lot of Sparkers have already givin up the sugar, then you can just give us advice on how you did it! And cheer us or me on! :)

So that's my challenge for myself and anyone else that wants to partake. Let's make July great!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So appropriate post. Since the kids have been at the grandparents the last 2 weeks hubby and I haven't had any sugary items. I find I have no cravings for them now. If I do get any type of craving I eat greek vanilla yogurt. It's sweet enough and satisfies the craving. A banana with peanut butter does the trick for me too.

    I also have been making pumpkin protein muffins loaded with nuts, dried fruit and coconut these might be helping to keep our cravings at bay too.

    The less processed foods you eat the better. My hubby too is overweight and pre-diabetic. It runs on his side of the family. Good for you to want to do something about this at a younger age.

    Good luck and I hope you succeed!
    1122 days ago
  • v MELROSE13
    Sugar is addictive, and I am a sugar addict..was diagnosed years ago when people were just realizing that it is actually an addiction and it goes hand in hand with the processed carbs.
    Though overeating sugar and processed carbs is not an actual cause to diabetes, the fact that it leads to unhealthy weight gain etc does in turn contribute to the causes of it as well as a lot of other health risks. I have done well in the past in cutting out the processed stuff, I use honey in my coffee and tea..but even things that are supposedly healthy for you can have hidden sugars so it is hard to beat, you have to become an avid label reader.
    You can do it..the first week will be a lot of willpower and a strong mindset, but once you get past that first week it will be easier..I am in it with you..I am trying to cleanse my body of all the processed stuff naturally by eating as much fruit and veggies as I can along with proteins of course.
    Stay strong..and keep on Bringin in with P90!!!
    1123 days ago
  • v SINGERA9
    You can do this, and you will feel better!!!! I know because I have done it. It takes a while to get through the cravings, but just take it one day at a time. What you'll probably find at the end of your 30 days is that sugary foods smell and taste AWFUL.

    1123 days ago
    Very wise. You have conquered the exercise part. Now the sweets. Good for you! One habit at a time will keep you from being overwhelmed!
    1123 days ago
    I went through that after Halloween. One little "fun size" piece of candy turned into ten which turned into a couple of bags...

    Most days I can go without any added sugars. I'd rather have real sugars (white, brown, honey, etc.) than sugar substitutes (chemicals, yuk!), but I have gotten to the point that I don't need anything in my teas, I cut back the amount of sugar in my recipes, I won't bring home any candy, I allow single serve size only.

    I basically had to stop eating anything with sugar for a week. If I had a craving, I'd go to fruit instead, it's not added sugar, it's natural sweetness. Once I got past that first week, I did not have the strong desire for the sweets.

    It's surprising how the taste buds change when you get rid of the sugary treats. After a couple of weeks (or maybe as little as a week) the cravings stop. Sweetened things start to taste too sweet.

    Good luck. If you can survive the first week, you'll be able to keep going!
    1123 days ago
  • v KAT321123
    Good for you for challenging yourself to give up sugar, particularly if you have such a sweet tooth! And I'm super envious of your love of exercise! I have exercise as a huge part of my lifestyle, but I can't say I usually "love" it.

    As for the sugar piece of things, I very very rarely consume refined sugar. At home I keep raw cane sugar, but rarely use it. Instead I make healthier treats using maple syrup or dates as sweetener. It's still a sugar, but isn't nearly as addictive and I've found it to be much more satisfying.

    One of my favorite recipes recently is for a chocolate mousse that only has dates, coconut milk, cocoa powder (use raw for the most nutrition!), and vanilla extract:

    Coconut milk is high fat so it's still a treat, but it's better for you than a cupcake obviously =) Even my pickiest friend loved this.

    Another favorite is this recipe for healthy chocolate PB cups:

    I usually put it in mini muffin cups and find them soooo satisfying.

    Good luck!
    1123 days ago
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