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The Workplace (water) Drinking Game

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I’ve been having trouble remembering to drink water throughout the workday, so I came up with a fun way to get it done. If your workplace is anything like mine, you’ll get through those 8 glasses in no time!

TAKE A BIG SIP whenever:

1. You get an email from your boss.
2. A coworker mentions their family member.
3. You walk by a tray or plate of treats.
4. Someone says an acronym out loud as though it’s a word (like “ay-cap” for ACAP, etc.).
5. Anyone asks if they can ask you a question.
6. You have to wait for someone else to finish printing before you can get your prints.
7. You lose your pen or pencil.
8. You see a sweater hanging on the back of a chair (once per chair per day).
9. You overhear a coworker making a personal phone call.
10. Someone asks you how your evening or weekend was.


1. Someone calls or leaves you a voicemail without identifying themselves.
2. You receive an email that was sent to an entire mailing list but should have been sent to just one person.
3. You see more than 3 kinds of yogourt in the fridge (once per day).
4. You change your shoes.
5. You get a forwarded email that only says “FYI” as an explanation of why it’s being sent to you.

Have fun and let me know how it goes!!
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