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Are We There Yet? a RB/LB conversation

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

emoticon Left Brain So - how ya feeling there?

emoticon Right Brain Pretty good thanks.

emoticon Left Brain That was a good weigh in yesterday. 147.6 lbs. down about 2 lbs without really trying that hard.

emoticon Right Brain Well. It may not have been so hard for you but I had a lot of scary days in June.

emoticon Left Brain I could feel your tension. Especially when we had to actually track what we'd eaten. It was hard to always tell the truth.

emoticon Right Brain Yeah. And it was hard to obey you when you made me stop eating.

emoticon Left Brain Oh? It can't have been that hard if you did stop and we did drop some lbs.

emoticon Right Brain Well. well. It felt hard at the time.

emoticon Left Brain Maybe sometimes. But lots of times I picked up on some pretty good feelings.

emoticon Right Brain Yeah. Yeah. I did feel good lots of the time. But mostly only when you asked me how I felt and took enough time to listen to my answer. Mostly then. If you just said NO ... well. Remember that cake we ate with Hannah last week? 'member?

emoticon Left Brain Oh. Yes. I do remember. But I didn't say no either, remember that?

emoticon Right Brain Yeah but it still pinched. I still missed out on some of the fun because I felt guilty. If you had given me time before we went out to eat maybe I would have enjoyed every bite. If we had already decided we were going to eat cake - it would have been more fun. I don't like cake being sprung on me like that.

emoticon Left Brain Hmmm. I didn't think of that. I don't like it either. And you know, she and I are going to VaBeach this month. There's going to be a lot of temptation. I am really going to have to LISTEN to what you're feeling BEFORE we go to a restaurant - maybe even before we get out of bed! I promise. I will do that.

emoticon Right Brain Thanks. That would be a real help. a great big real help.

emoticon Left Brain (smiling at her feeling brain) Well. Helping you helps me.

emoticon Right Brain (winking back at her thinking self) Ahh so it's always all about you isn't it?

(both laugh)

emoticon Left Brain So. Are we there yet? Are we at goal?

emoticon Right Brain I don't know. I don't think so. Especially if we actually lost weight in June while we ate lots of extra stuff.

emoticon Left Brain Well - we hadn't been doing any strength training for 2 weeks. Muscle loss could have begun to set in. We could have lost muscle and not fat.

emoticon Right Brain Yeah. I know. And I don't like the fat hanging off our tummy.

emoticon Left Brain But we look really good in our clothes.

emoticon Right Brain Well. That helps with the good mood and all, but I think it ought to go anyway - that tummy fat. and since we have hard muscles underneath the fat .... here - feel. See?

emoticon Left Brain (patting her tummy) Yeah. Yeah. I agree. So. Do you want to keep trying to lose lbs instead of steadying off?

emoticon Right Brain Yes. Yes. I want to get to 143 lbs. I said so months ago. I still want it.

emoticon Left Brain I'm good with that. Just checking in with you. I think we have a wide leeway with this weight thing. Unless we learn something different or the doctor makes different recommendations I'm willing to keep working till we're where you feel the best.

emoticon Right Brain Okay then I want to keep trying to loose. But you keep checking back with me. If I feel differently I want you to know.

emoticon Left Brain Well - I'd want to know - if I didn't we could make a train wreck out of all our progress. We can have this conversation next month after weigh-in and see how you feel.

emoticon Right Brain Okay. No train wrecks. But no ignoring feelings.

emoticon Left Brain So that means we're not there yet, right?

emoticon Right Brain Nope. Not yet. But soon, right? Soon.

emoticon Left Brain Yep. soon. Now - let's go make breakfast. I'm hungry.

emoticon Right Brain Me too. I want peanut butter toast!

(and those 2 brains hook up and head off to the kitchen)
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