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Crazy Birthday Roller Coaster

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I worked my insane month-end schedule, long days and weekends. On my birthday Sunday, I requested the day off. There were highs and lows... This is better than low and more low. ;)

But it was a little bit crazy:

-My good friends treated me to brunch!
Invited 70 people to Brunch, waited half an hour alone as no one showed up. As I was leaving, 2 of my friends arrived with their baby, and luckily parked right by my car, and we went back inside for delicious buffet including omlette bar and ceviche and fresh fruit!

-I accidentally rescued a dog!!
When stopping at home after running some errands and before meeting girlfriends for happy hour, I spotted a lost dog panting, running down the street. It's been pretty hot here. I strategically pulled over on the wrong side of the street and encouraged her to keep running in my direction. She waited for me to open the door and hopped right in! Once there I could read her tags and call the local shelter, where she was licensed. I took her in, and they contacted her owner. I felt really good about it, especially after hearing from others in my city that she was running down the street over 4 miles away earlier that day! She left poo that was stuck to her leg in my car, when she sat on a bill envelope, and (I hope) took all the fleas that were everywhere on her. I had to change my dress and was a couple minutes late to meeting girlfriends.

-Free creme brulee! A couple of sweet friends joined me at a local happy hour. We ended up talking for longer than I anticipated, and the restaurant gave us a free creme brulee for my birthday - we shared!

-Free coffee and unforgettable sunset!
I had to postpone the bonfire I tentatively planned, and instead drove up to the highest local peak where there is a park. I hiked up a mini hill in my heels and settled in with my camera. At the beach (where I would've been), it was covered in a thick marine layer that is more like a big fog bank. There were a lot of people, local and visitors, enjoying the beautiful view of the sun melting into the cloud bank. Right before I drove up Starbucks gave me a certificate for a free drink because it was my birthday. ;) On the way back to my car strangers took my picture and gave me a hug. LOL!

-Surprise sushi dinner!
Afterward a long-time friend who missed a couple of connections earlier called me back, and wanted sushi dinner. He treated me to mine, and I got to experience what he orders as a vegetarian, when previously sushi=fish only to me.

The three friends that I started and ended my day with are the same that celebrated with me after my husband went out-of-state following our divorce 2 years ago. At the time, I wasn't sure if it was out of a feeling obligation...they were and still are his friends, too. But now I know what I should have realized then, that they really care.

-Only 10 minutes!
I missed my exit going home because I was housesitting, and before I could turn around at the next one, ran over a road hazard and blew out my back tire. It's a very dark stretch of busy highway, the blaring lights of cars going 70 mph and up as the only light. After calling my roadside service, it took them less than 10 minutes to arrive to save me - just enough time to empty my trunk! ;) Good thing, too, because it was after 10:30 p.m. and I had to go into work early on Monday. As fast as they were, I was really wishing I had gone to the ladies' room before I left sushi. (Eek) I ended up only being about 30 minutes later than I would've been. AND no one got hurt. AND I need to replace *all*four*tires* anyway, so this serves as a good precautionary event.

-There's more!
Luckily, I have next weekend to celebrate Birthday-B with Heather and her husband. I hope to get that beach bonfire in... I have all the supplies.

-Another year wiser!
I've been reminded about what I've neglected, including friendship contact that I don't want to slip away, and real safety concerns with the car upon which I depend--it boils down to the maintenance in my life that seem insignificant because I make it less of a priority, but are important, vital. It puts a different perspective on the healthy habits that I need to rebuild.

I've also reached the pinnacle of my weight regain this year. I'm too close to my -100 pounds lost for comfort, and I am even more committed to moving forward. I've learned a lot in the past 6 months in struggling to progress, which I believe will be invaluable through the next couple of years.

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