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A mostly lazy day...

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I started the day feeling lazy. I did manage to walk the dog a little more than 3 miles, even though he wasn't really interested in walking either. I don't know what is wrong with him, but he hasn't wanted to walk since Saturday. Maybe it is PTSD from the attack. I know he is being clingier. Anyway, my brother called this afternoon wanting to know if I wanted to go for a sunset paddle on Lake Erie. Of course the answer was YES! We dropped the dog off with our parents then went down to the lake. The lake was super calm, though the launch was pretty gross with weeds and slime. The water didn't feel very cold in the harbor where we launched, but once we got out past the breakwall the water temperature was frigid. That is Lake Erie for you... always something going on, even on a calm day. We saw lots of dead fish too. On a nicer note we saw a bunch of eagles, both mature and juvenile. We stayed out paddling until sunset. We sat just outside the breakwall to watch the sunset which was beautiful, before paddling back to the launch. There is something so calming about watching the sun setting out on the water.

We are not going to do a long, early paddle tomorrow, but we will go out in the evening. I am not taking Cooper with me paddling tomorrow night, as his wounds aren't completely healed yet. He would probably be fine, but I thought I would wait one more week, just in case he falls in again.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a run day. I think I will do my best to get it in early, so it doesn't interfere with my paddling. Some days it is hard to get moving. Today was one of those days. Hopefully tomorrow Cooper and I will get moving earlier. Cooper doesn't like mornings any more than I do though, so I might have to roust him out of bed to go for our morning walk.
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