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When did I become this food snob?

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A couple of years ago, I had very few issues with food. It was my friend and who cares if my kids are eating gmo sugars and food coloring? Meat was a priority for every dinner. Mmm bacon. Ice cream with every weight loss show, whichever is on sale that week!

Over the course of learning about what food does to us I'm down to about 10% of the store and some food directly from the farm. I still will do traditionally farmed produce, but am aiming at more organic stuff than ever before, I mean, if I don't have to worry about the meat budget, I have more organic options open to me. I refuse to eat products that have caused harm to the animals, they have feelings too.

I require control over my ingredients. More and more I'm the crazy woman reading the side or back of the box looking for ingredients. You might see me complain out loud to the box about an ingredient or another, mumbling under my breath about gmos or the craziness about a "multi-grain" item having fewer whole grains than the original version.

I am more likely to make things at home because I just can't stand the options available to me in pre-made form.

I have never been so picky about food in my life! At the moment food is not giving me joy, it gives me a feeling of terror! I'm sure I'll be back to enjoying food as I gain more recipes and the ability to find different things in my stores.

Transitions are always hard. I'm currently in this new transition from a meat based diet to a plant based diet, don't get me wrong, I personally have only eaten meat once a day with dinner while the rest of my meals might be dairy or produce, but meat was a priority for me to give my family. Yesterday I did a good red beans and rice recipe, today will be an organic, grass fed, killed on site cow.

As I go, I'll probably make sure half of our dinners are meatless. If I have to have meat at dinner, I probably won't eat the meat in all the meals. It's hard to convince my husband to go completely meatless, but as long as I know my source, I don't feel as bad about the animal having died as long as I know how it lived and was killed.

My mother thinks I'm crazy, but this is not completely unusual, I simply have new quirks. I have become the person I've seen in documentaries I never thought I'd become. I used to think those people were crazy for being so picky, now I'm probably pickier than some of those people.

Who knew a little knowledge could go so far? I learn something new about my food choices each week and have to alter my habits accordingly. Fortunately the new way I'm eating this week has boosted my weight loss, I lost 2 pounds in one week!

Here's to getting back to enjoying foods! May I figure out the things that will taste good to me again!

Today's Holidays: The First Zeppelin Flight in 1900, I Forgot Day (and the Remembrall doesn't help either!), World UFO Day (they're not all weather balloons) and National Anisette Day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • FRAN0426
    Nice job losing the two pounds this week. You are doing what you can to make changes for better health for your family, whether its eating less meat, organic etc. Wwe must all make our choices---keep choosing for health.
    1506 days ago
    I'm with you! I read every label. Many processed foods marketed as "healthy" or "natural" are nothing but a load of GMOs, fat, & sugar.
    1506 days ago
  • COREY195
    it's better to be too snobby toward junk food then the other way- good job emoticon
    1506 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Okay, so I am the crazy cat lady and you the crazy food lady?
    Anyway, I'd love to follow you around the store listening to your
    comments on ingredients. It'd be a great video!

    Congrats on the 2lbs in the right direction. Me, too,
    it was a good scale day.
    1506 days ago
    One of my former neighbors became vegetarian due to health issues. Her husband refuses to go that route and he doesn't have her health issues. She cooks both vegetarian and meat dishes. I doubt you will be able to get your husband to go completely vegetarian; but you never know. Doing both you can embrace the way you eat without having to eat something you have an objection to. Personally, I think you can treat this as a food allergy. Fix the same meal and add meat to your husband/kids portion. I do that with some of our meals for individuals with a particular allergy i.e. when dd was allergic to tomatoes I fixed pizzas for everybody. I used homemade Alfredo sauce (she was also allergic to eggs & I made an egg free version) and the rest of us got the tomato sauce version. Just an idea.
    1506 days ago
  • SUMMER2203
    i have been thinking the same thing! i am so nervous that i have turned into that inadvertently judgey healthy person haha and that all of my friends secretly hate me because of it haha
    1506 days ago
  • CHERIJ16
    Moderation in all things. That's good advice. emoticon
    1506 days ago
    If you're crazy you have lots of company. Count me in! With all the gmo fruits and veggies (even trees these days), along with gmo fish, antibiotics in the poultry and beef how can you not get a little crazy?!? The healthier the food selection the more expensive it is. That's just wrong from all directions. Even items like mike is starting to come into question as they want to add artificial sweeteners.

    You stay 'picky', continue talking to those boxes and while you're at it contact you state and local representatives to shout out for clean living. If enough of us get together shouting "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"(Network, film) maybe the pendulum will start swinging in a healthier direction.

    emoticon on the weight loss and keep pushing! emoticon
    1506 days ago
    Some say knowledge can be dangerous and in a way it can be. However, if the knowledge gained is used in a reasonable and practical way, then it can be a benefit. We will never go meat free as my DH would flip! However, using responsibly farmed / sourced items makes a difference not just to the quality of food we are eating but the less of us buying the s**t products, then perhaps one day, they will die off and no longer be available. Unfortunately, I do not think this will happen as there are more people uninterested in what they put in their bodies than there are those who care. The food industry will always win!
    You are not a food snob - just ensure you keep things in check and don't cross the line into total psychosis!!!!
    1506 days ago
    You will enjoy food again and could enjoy it now. Just think of the wonderful legacy you are giving your children. Just remember "the middle path".
    1506 days ago
    Yeah...I was just reading the label for Miracle Whip and Miracle Whip Light. Corn syrup, really?

    And food coloring! Don't even get me started.

    I can't believe what they sell us in the store and that we were just buying it! Ugh!
    1506 days ago
    It is hard to commit to choosing a meatless diet. I would try a less-meat diet for an easier transition. I like to experiment with more meatless recipes. What I always find strange is how vegetarians try to make all of their meatless recipes taste as close to meat as possible! I love the choices of whole grains and more veg's! Too bad Monsanto (spelling?) have their fingers in the genetically modified veg's tho. Like Mom always said, all things in moderation, and enjoy the bounty that has been laid out for us on this amazing earth! Way to go on the 2 something pounds lost! emoticon
    1506 days ago
    Oh how awareness and knowledge can create new habits. It sounds like you are using your new "power" for good! It kind of becomes fun, I think, to see how yummy and healthy I can make dinners for my family.
    1506 days ago
    Awesome blog, great to see you are making some very positive changes in the family diet...

    Congrats on being down 2 lbs...I think I foud them...hehe...

    1506 days ago
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