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I Am Not A Good Secret Keeper!

Monday, July 01, 2013

This weekend Paul and I had over 3 of our nephews and nieces. They are 3, 2, and 1. Needless to say, it was a big change for us and we were busy!!! It is one thing to take on a child 1 at time and raise them from infancy on. It is another to take on 3 that aren't yours and your house isn't child proof! But we had a blast and I would totally do it all over again. The kids were actually really well behaved for the most part! We had a blast taking them for a walk, going to the Children's Museum, and just hanging out! It was great to watch Paul with them! I already know he is going to be a great dad and I can't wait to sit back and just watch him interact. But being I used to work in daycares and am a 4K teacher, he says I know wayyyy more than he does! Although this may be true, I also need to realize that just because he does something a different way doesn't mean it is "wrong!" And if he puts a diaper on crooked, he will live and learn! emoticon

We brought the kids back to their parents at Paul's family cabin and his parents were there too. It was great to see them all!

Paul and I haven't told anyone we are pregnant. We have told our dog Kayce and our littlest niece who is 1 because we know they will keep our secret! emoticon As much as I want to tell everyone and shout it from the roof tops, I am trying very hard not to. I would hate to tell everyone and then have something horrible happen. But it has been the hardest thing ever to keep in and I have lied to a few people including my mom! She had to give me my hcg trigger shot due to Paul getting tied up at work. I lied through my teeth and told her it was nothing. The night before we went in for insemination she stayed at our house because she ran our garage sale that morning. She asked us that night if we knew when our insemination was going to be. I was soooo glad it was dark because I swear I smirked! I again lied to her and told her I was going through tests still. She said she thought we were way farther than that and gave me a disappointed look. My best friend from high school asked me last week, one of my good college friends asked, and so did a co-worker that I car pool with. Trust me, Paul and I are very excited but I also think it is important to make sure everything is fine and until we are ready to tell. I would love to wait until second trimester but I don't think I can wait that long. I am the kind of person who buys someone a gift early and has to give it to them that same day because I just want to share it with them! emoticon I told Paul I would for sure wait until our ultrasound.

But I feel like people can tell as weird as that may sound! My boobs are like huge, I use the bathroom a lot, and I am really pushing my water. This weekend we are going to the cabin with Paul's family and they will be drinking. Although I am not a big drinker, I usually have one with them. I feel they will suspect something when I don't. I know that none of this is probably true but I just can't help it!

I think our dog Kayce has a good idea something is up! She usually snuggles with me between my legs and ever since we found out, she snuggles up as close to my belly as she can! I love it! And on Sunday I was sitting next to my 3 year old niece and she said "Auntie Nicki do you have a baby in your belly?" I just about died. I told her to ask Uncle Paul and he was shocked. We told her no!!! One of our sister in laws is quite pregnant and due in a few weeks so she knows about it. And I also kind of have a belly already (not due to being pregnant!). But it was just crazy that she came out with that!!!

I had my hcg and progesterone levels checked on Friday. My hcg level was 134. I again had both levels checked today. My hcg level is now 783. They are still waiting on my progesterone level results and hopefully they will have them by tomorrow. I also go in again on Wednesday to have these levels checked.

It is a very exciting time in our life and it is soooo hard to keep this secret! I am very thankful to have SP to share our wonderful news with!!!! emoticon
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    I am super excited that you enjoyed your crazy busy weekend w/ three little ones you guys were caring for. You have such great insight that it does not have to be your way w/ your husband according to what you believe. He will learn his own way and like you said be a great dad. I understand more than you can know on waiting therefore I respect that. I can tell you though my Mom and grandparents always knew. I had to share with my mom right away and my grandparents always waited to share with the rest of the family until I gave them consent b/c they knew I struggled to care to term. Just a few things to think on. I am glad you shared with Spark, we can be very supportive. Please know I am there for you! emoticon
    1723 days ago
    I'm so happy for you- I've not sparked for a few days other than keeping my food but wanted to see how things were going with you. Very excited for you- try and keep it a secret and if anyone questions why you're not drinking just state the obvious- want to get healthy for when we do have the insemination and get ready to add to the family.

    Time will fly. I'm grinning really hard right now- you both will be wonderful parents.

    1724 days ago
    Just tell them you are eating healthy and includes no alcohol.
    1724 days ago
    Your excitement is sooo precious and super contagious! Smiling right along w/ you! :))) So sweet you are such a supportive wife of your husband as he begins his journey as a dad! :) Cute about what your niece said & how ur dog snuggles! You enjoy your evening emoticon
    1725 days ago
    Wishing you the best in this happy time.
    1725 days ago
    Wishing you and your DH all the very, very best!!!!
    1725 days ago
    hehe oh my 3 little ones under 4! I bet you guys were really hopping around! I don't know if I could keep the secret for so long although I am a particularly bad liar. Like anyone who saw my face when I said no would call me on it lol.

    Good luck keeping it a secret!
    1726 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/1/2013 10:52:03 PM
  • JEN3582
    I would be horrible about keeping it a secret as well!! As far as drinking with your hubby's family...I say fake it!! Act like you get a drink or something like that, if you can. That way they don't get to suspicious. If you want to keep it a secret a little covert work will be necessary! Good Luck and congrats again!
    1726 days ago
    1726 days ago
    I don't think that I could keep this wonderful new's a secret. And everything is going to be A-OKAY! emoticon
    1726 days ago
    Your levels are progressing nicely. I have my fingers crossed for you! emoticon
    1726 days ago
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