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I am so tired, confused, and getting frustrated

Monday, July 01, 2013

I know I've been working out more over the past few days than I have in a long time. I get that working out will make me more tired. I also get that the heat of the day will add to my exhausted feeling.

So what do I do? Do I just accept that I'm tired and rest? Or do I push through it? Do I go for a bike ride tonight?

I know pushing will burn more calories. Pushing is where I'll see the weight loss happen right?

Over the past few days I've seen the scale spike. I hate to admit it, but it really pisses me off. I'm working my butt off. Instead of seeing progress on the scale, I'm seeing it go the wrong way. Please don't tell me that working out could cause weight gain - swelling, etc. Or salt/water retention. I've used those. But when the scale goes up and stays there for days and days and eventually weeks, you have to face facts. It's weight gain.

I know. It hasn't been even a week yet. But this is not the first time I'm seeing this "pattern". I've been watching it happen over and over and over for 18months now. I work hard. I see gains on the scale. I work harder. I see more gain in weight. I get frustrated and take a day off. Then two. Then... Next thing I know, 3 weeks have gone by, and I'm still stuck here.

I can't let this happen again. That's why I'm considering pushing through this. Getting on my bike and going for a ride. It doesn't have to be far. Just get moving. I think it may be enough to help me convince myself I can do this.

But when will it all be too much? When will it start to be counter productive to my marathon training?

I am doing my best to keep close to a 1,000 calorie deficit every day. Over 1.500 and I'm at risk of starvation mode. Less than 800 and I can't expect to see any progress on the scale.

I am starting to hate this. I used to think I got it. Move more. Eat more nutritious foods. Calorie deficit. Loose weight.

I remember when I was working out to loose the weight before, I honestly felt like an athlete in training. I haven't felt that way in a long time. I'm trying to get back there. Maybe that's what's happening to me over the past few days. I'm getting back there. Back to where my body is exhausted on a fairly regular basis. Or am I "pretending" to be there just to avoid getting more exercise in?
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    Good luck! Maybe you can change up your exercise?
    1602 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    It's so hard to not see progress. I wish there was a way we could see the microscopic changes that exercise good nutrition get us. I sometimes feel like if I could immediately see even the tiniest changes it would be easier. Having to wait for the scale or measuring tape to respond is hard.

    1602 days ago
    to little calories your body will hold on to everything as it does not want to starve... and that could be why you are so tired all the time.... don't give up..... take an honest look at what you are eating and maybe increase you range and more protein. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1602 days ago
    you are stronger than your temporary feelings. You have been very successful in the past. You will be able to repeat success. Be kind to yourself.
    1603 days ago
    An 800 calorie per day deficit is 5600 calories per week which translates to a 1.6 pound loss.

    If you keep that up for 10 weeks, that's 16 pounds. Slow and steady will get you there.

    A 1000 calorie deficit should lead to a 2 pound a week loss, which would be great!!

    Of course this is all theoretical since the human body seems to play by its own rules, like getting good nutrition and adequate sleep.

    Did I not see in one of your past blogs that you were going to give it your best for 12 weeks?

    Just keep on keeping on...

    1603 days ago
    Don't give up - if you are doing any strength training - you may be putting on some muscle weight. With muscle, you will burn more in the long run.

    Make sure you are eating enough - you DON'T want your body going into starvation mode. Making sure you are eating the right types of foods as well - you need to make sure your body is nourished to be able to keep up with your pace.

    Make sure you are drinking your water - that is key.

    If all else fails - you may get a blood test to have your thyroid tested - it may be slow.

    Lastly, don't always go based off the scale alone. Make sure you are taking measurements and take pictures. There are times I get discouraged, because none of the numbers seem to move, but then I look at a picture and see how my shape has changed and think - wow, there are some changes happening.

    Be encouraged and keep pushing - you can do it! emoticon emoticon
    1603 days ago
    Only 1000 calories/day? That's not much if you are being active. Maybe you need more? I aim for 1500 and I'm not that active right now as I have a hip injury.
    1603 days ago
  • RONSWIFE1028
    We all get a little tired and frustrated at times just take a deep breath or maybe ten and give it another try
    1603 days ago
    Keep your head up! You can do it!
    1603 days ago
    hold in there
    1603 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1603 days ago
    Don't give up- emoticon emoticon
    1603 days ago
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