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Birthday Eve

Monday, July 01, 2013

This is one of my favorite pics of Avery, taken when he was about 2.5 or so.

I still need to get him a card and pick up some wrapping paper. We got him a Curious George collection book, a Thomas the Train collection book, a bug habitat (which he found! damn it!), a bug vacuum, and a bug microscope (but it's not too micro). I also signed him up for T-Ball today, which he'll start in a few weeks. And he is getting some fireworks since he's a firecracker baby. And he takes after my husband in that he likes fireworks - a LOT! He's always bugging Airin to light off bottle rockets. I'm sure our neighbors love it.

Some books and bug collecting things don't seem like very much, but my family spoils the hell out of him. We have enough crap here to run a daycare already. And there will be more by the end of the week.

Yesterday we met my cousin (who is pregnant) and her husband at the natural history museum, and then we went to lunch and got some frozen yogurt. It was a very nice afternoon, but I ran 2.75 miles yesterday (including 5 hill sprints), and then we walked another couple miles around the city, plus inside the museum. I was pretty exhausted last night.

Still, I managed the front squat push press today at SIXTY pounds (yay!). I sucked at planks today. I did one plank for 100 seconds, finished the next 20, and then took a break. Then I did a minute, rested, and finished the next minute. I skipped the third set. Four minutes of planking is enough - my back was not pleased today. And it likes to bi*ch during planks when it isn't feeling top notch.

My husband's ex-wife (who owes us well over $10K in child support) closed her FB account. I wonder if she is hiding because they're (state of PA, when requested by Michigan Friend of the Court) trying to find her, and now she knows they're looking. Good. That ho bag has a lot of explaining to do.
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