Monday, July 01, 2013

Applied in Sville at the temp agency for ASMO this morning. They have lowered the starting pay from $9 to $8. I could get $8 at a gas station; and $9 several other places. My BS meter was going off when they said "Oh that just changed as of today", when I told them I knew it was $9. I think the temp agency just got greedy . . . ASMO is now off my radar since I can't apply directly through the company, and the temp agency is paying $8.

While driving on the way between Sville and Mville, I stopped off at the piddly pay job to get the former coworker's phone number who now works at ASMO. Yep I shouldn't have worried . . . of course they had not yet updated the phone number list even tho it's been weeks. His # was still on there. So I put it in my phone. Then I called him & all the other temp agencies, during the rest of the drive to Mville. He was surprised to hear about the $8. He is making $9 plus lots of OT, as I thought he had told me. He said if the $8 is true that sucks . . .

Next drove to Mville unemployment office to apply for NGK, which is $9, 105 degrees inside the warehouse, ceramics manufacturer. Guess what, I was told wrong and I can't bypass the temp agency and apply at NGK through the unemployment office. They don't have any job orders from NGK. So I'll have to go back to the yucky temp agency tomorrow. I have decided I'll request night shift, even tho I don't have anywhere to sleep during the day, because it will be cooler to work there at night and make the heat inside more bearable. If I get on there, I'll just have to ask the Lord for a miracle for arranging a room for me to rent pronto for me to sleep in during the day. I have run into three NGK employees who are customers at the piddly pay job, and they all said it's pretty decent or at least ok. I won't know if I can physically handle the heat or not until I try it, and it's my last choice, but hey it's worth a try at least.

I have to remember to fill up with the cheaper gas while I'm here.

Now I'm at the unemployment office looking up jobs, also filled out an application for a company I've wanted to work at for a long time (when I asked about other available companies).

I need an electric skillet and Walmart and Kmart both have the same thing: small 11 inch with toxic non-stick coating, OR, humongous elongated rectangle-shape one for $40-50 - I am looking for the medium between those two options, hopefully without Teflon non-stick coating which everyone by now knows is toxic (WHY do they keep making cookware with it???).

So I'll keep working at the unemployment office, also stop by Target while here in Mville to look for an electric skillet (Sville doesn't have a Target), get gas here, and go to the library to use the internet, and to email my résumé to ESC using my associate's boyfriend's name in the cover letter after customizing the résumé ESC's mission statement. Then go to Life Group tonight, then drive back to Sville as I have some work to do in ministorage and get ready for visiting tomorrow's temp agencies in Sville, and applying at NGK.

I have heard 3 times already this morning, temp agencies stating this is "a short work week", meaning they have already checked out mentally and can't wait to shut their doors Wed afternoon. Tues & Wed is it for alot of businesses this week, and definitely for temp agencies.
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