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Men and milk (separate issues)

Monday, July 01, 2013

I'm going to try a couple things to see if I can get any results with them. This week I want to try to cut out cow's milk. I really only drink it in the morning with my eggs or when I'm eating something sweet, so maybe this will help me cut out the sweets too! Idk. but it's worth a shot! I was drinking almond milk for a little while at one time. I think I might do that for breakfast in the mornings.

After I make this a routine I would like to cut down on my carbs. That will be a challenge as I LOVE bread!!

This weekend was pretty hectic. It started off bad Friday! We had a truck at work come in right before time to stop shipping and receiving. So I had to stay after to help load and to do the paperwork. No biggie. But then my computer decided, while I was uploading pictures of the load, that it was 4:30 and it was done. Completely froze as if in protest to the over time! I was so frustrated! I finally had to leave at 4:50 or I wouldn't have gotten the kids in time. But to try to ease my stress I called hubby to see if he was off and could pick up one or two of the boys, since I had to go to three separate places to get them! He threw a big fit about how he had all these things to do and he didn't have time! That pissed me off bc I have all kinds of stuff to do, related to the home and the kids, and he couldn't do me one favor! I bust my butt trying to keep things flowing at the house and he doesn't do anything! A typical day for me is as follows:

Wake up at 4:45 am. Rush to get my 20-30 minutes of exercise in. Take a shower. Wake up the kids, get them dressed and fed. While they are eating I make three lunches (one for my husband and one for each of the two oldest boys). Make sure hubby has everything he needs. Rush to kinda dry my hair before fighting with the kids to get out the door by 7:15. Drop one off at Y Care and one at daycare. Drive aaaaallllll the way across town to drop the oldest off at Y Care. Rush to get to work 5 minutes late. Work 8 hours. Rush to pick up the boys. Get home, clean the dishes before starting dinner. Dinner, clean, bedtime routine, clean some more. Sometimes we have time to go swimming, other times we have BMX practice. And it's like this EVERY. DAY. He hasn't picked the kids up in I don't even know how long. He goes to his buddy's house to play guitar and drink. Sometimes I have to pick him up bc he can't drive! He doesn't clean up, not even after himself. And I'm getting to the point where I'm fed up with it! Saturday night he didn't get back until after midnight and I think my unconcious self was sick of it all bc I pushed him away when he tried to cuddle with me. I don't even remember it!

So that didn't start the weekend off very well. Needless to say I was stress eating and not feeling too well. I'm still a little mad about it but I don't know what to do. I've talked to him. My oldest is noticing things. He's tired of having to pick up the slack for me. And the younger two are always asking about where he is. I feel like a single parent again! I don't know. I just needed to vent. It's out there now i can move on.

This week I only have my 4 yr old. The other two went to stay with my mom for the week. Short stuff doesn't do too well with the long stays so he'll be going for a weekend stay in the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping to get in some Zumba this week. I need to step things up a notch.
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    Stop doing all the extras for him. When he asks why tell him. I don't have kids and I'm going through this with my hubby right now. I can't imagine trying to manage it and kids on top of it. Good luck. I hope you get your Zumba in too.
    1685 days ago
    Best wishes!
    1691 days ago
  • KIMPY225
    Good luck with cutting out the cow milk!
    Sorry to hear about your husband slacking off. Hopefully you can come up with some kind of agreement with him!
    1692 days ago
    o yea we had this same blow up this weekend I told him you eat off the dishes you use the towels and your kids make messes I work 40 hrs just like you do there is no excuse for me doing all the housework it's making me bitter towards you and stressed out in general. You have to deal with it head on kids can definitely sense when things are off and when a parent is stressed. I basically told him that I could do everything I was already doing without him so either he started to pick up the slack or i'd move out it would basically be just like living how we were anyways! We'll see if he actually sticks to this but he said he was going to start making dinner (he gets home before us) 3 days a week and would switch off nights doing dishes with me. If nothing else I would definitely stop doing things for him no more making lunches doing his laundry ect if he complains sweetly tell him you just don't have time to do those extra things for him because you're so overwhelmed with everything else. He's got a good thing going there with you taking care of everything including him why would he want to change?
    1692 days ago
    That sucks that the hubs doesn't help out more. I'd stop making his lunch for him bet that'll learn him, than slowly make him do more of his fair share around the house. As for cows milk. I swore that I would never not drink milk, and not just milk 2% milk. That is the one thing i was not going to give up. Than I got the Hungry Girl cook books and alot of their recipes call for Almond Milk. So I bought it strictly for mixing with stuff. Than one day it was getting close to going bad and it's kinda pricey so I decided just drink the stuff, it won't kill you. I LOVED IT!!! Except on the rare occasion that I run out I rarely have regular milk anymore. And the calories are waaaay lower than regular milk. Just my two cents. I get Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Milk
    1692 days ago
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