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This past weekend bites! Literally…

Monday, July 01, 2013

I went to visit my sweetie this past ‘to get away from it all’… I ended up being the Las Vegas’s Sahara Buffet to ants, gnats, Texas mosquitos and to my horror, bedbugs.

I stayed from Thurs night until Sun morning at his place. I woke Fri with no issues or any bites of any kind. Saturday morning, I noticed I had bites, red whelps about the size of a dime in clusters, on my shoulders and on my arms only. I asked my sweetie if he would help me put medicine (rubbing alcohol and Neosporin) on the bites and that’s when he told me about his gross friend visiting earlier in the week…

The friend was apparently one of those guys, that doesn’t care about personal hygiene or about his place; tends to live in a dump or hoarder’s dream house. My sweetie noticed immediately bite marks on his legs on Monday morning and asked the manager of the apartment complex to come spray the bedroom for bugs.

When the manager saw what types of bites my sweetie had, she already knew that they were not normal bug bites, but bedbug bites. (Well, the friend apparently had bedbugs on his socks and creases of his shoes when he spent to night on Sunday, last week.) She completely ordered for my sweetie to get rid of his bed, bedroom furniture and drapes. Then proceeded to have maintenance put powered pesticide down on the carpet, to seal the bedroom and do heat treatments, to kill off the little bed-buggers… (Which I guess helps… I don’t know at the time. [I have since done a lot of reading on how to get rid of the bugs.])

I slept in the living room on an air mattress and still ended up being bit! I was paranoid the rest of Saturday and went into Mrs. Clean Freak mode on his apartment. Which wasn’t really cluttered or dirty, but I made it look livable, instead of a bachelor pad. I was doing good Saturday night because we cleaned the apartment from top to bottom. When I went to sleep, I thought everything was good, until I had to go potty in the middle of the night... I was half asleep on the potty, when I noticed something move on my night shirt. I looked closed and sure enough I had a freaking bedbug on my night shirt. I grabbed some toilet paper, and used it to capture the bug and flush it down the toilet. I washed my hands and proceeded to wake up my sweetie and explain what happened.

He ended up killing 4 more little bugs that were on the air mattress or in the sheets and blankets. I ended up staying the rest of the night playing solitary at the kitchen table and drinking tea. Once 8am hit, I packed all my things in trash bags, sealed it with a knot on top of the bag and duct tape to prevent further contamination.

I gave him an ultimatum, the gross friend is not allowed to come over anymore or say goodbye to me. My sweetie chose me. The second part of my conditions was to keep the apartment constantly clean and to inform the manager of the apartment complex to completely treat my sweetie’s whole place for bedbugs.

Now, I have learned my sweetie has to get rid of his sofa, sitting chair with ottoman, sheets, towel, misc. furniture, shoes and clothes. Basically to buy new everything after the treatment is completely done and the manager approves the apartment fit to live in again. So, my sweetie has to spend this next week staying at his former roommate’s house in Houston while his place gets treated. The former roommate is bringing over new clothes and shoes to pick up my sweetie. Afterwards, they will go shopping for new stuff later today and the rest of this week.

I won’t be spending the night at my sweetie’s for a very, very, very long time from now. I still have my stuff in the trash bags in my car, which I plan on going today after work to the laundry mat and washing my clothes 2 times in scolding hot water and drying them for 2 to 3 cycles. The overnight suitcase (which held my clothes during my stay) will be destroyed, to prevent anyone else dumpster diving to get it and use it. I have to use diatomaceous earth all over my car now, to prevent any loose bugs that might have followed me from the apartment to the car. I refuse to let bedbugs come into my own house. Which I started treating too! I poured DE around the floor boards, legs of the furniture and even started coating the furniture too.

Oh ya, my cousin the OCD clean freak left Sunday morning, when I was still at my sweetie’s place. She fenced my patio to 2 areas where the dogs can play and use the restroom; and the other area is for the bbq pit. I got ant bites and Texas mosquito bites from letting the dogs out to the new area. The garage actually has 3 huge shelving units too. We have enough space now to actually park either mine or my sister’s car, to make more space in our driveway during parties.

I’m so happy to be home after this chaotic weekend!
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  • MARIANNE9855
    Another adventure- I feel like you are Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy- one adventure/ challenge after another. So glad you are ok now- I don't know what I would have done- what an expensive situation- I hope your friend has a good job in order to buy all new things-
    And I was just sitting here freaking out because my son told me there was a big snake in our yard today while I was gone to work- you should move up North where the cold weather discourages those horrible things.
    Actually I am usually the brave one about bugs in my house but I definitely would not be about bed bugs. emoticon emoticon emoticon for bravery!
    1694 days ago
    He can wash his clothes in the scolding hot water too. Yet, my sweetie is extremely angry about the whole thing and wants to get rid of his clothes. He fears by keeping the clothes, he'll miss one of the bugs and for them to reinfest his apartment. He's overly protective like that.

    I hate lice. I had it 3 times as a child growing up. I hated sitting for hours on end, having to get my hair combed and treated. My mom believed not only treating once for the problem, but like treating two or three times to make sure everything was clean and all lice died.

    I guess in my own way, I'm glad for her doing that.

    1694 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/1/2013 2:37:45 PM
  • PICKIE98
    WOW!! can't Mr. Sweetie man scald his clothes at the local laundromat?? What a scuzzy "friend" he has..
    I am sitting here scratching just thinking about it.. My Dd had head lice in third grade while she had a broken leg!! the whole class had them but tow little girls parents refused to admit it and their kids kept spreading it to the others.. It is a nightmare!!

    I am glad you took action right away. Guys would have let it go, thinking it was fleas or something!!
    1694 days ago
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