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July 1

Monday, July 01, 2013

I am definitely back on track. Yesterday was a successful day for me, but then the sunshine has returned after a week of solid downpouring COLD rain. I still had to put heat on at times through the day to be comfortable......very unusual for the end of June...but

With the arrival of the sun, the tempertures shot up from the low 40s (F) last week to the 80s (F) yesterday and today...I don't care how warm it gets, I would rather that than the cold. I would make a wonderful "snowbird" lol

The homefront is quiet as everyone is "up the lake" at their various cabins, enjoying Canada day holidays. What I would give to have my own place to go to on the lake!
I would live up there all summer, I definitely would, just like when I was a kid.

I am returned to my confident frame of mind about my weight program and that slippery slide down the backsliding slope on thursday and friday last week. I have been trying double hard with foods and what exercise that I can do...I feel good about that tooand feel confident of at least a maintaining status on wednesday.

I am sure lots of the club members will be having a tough day today as the fare for food is usually BBQs and potato salads ......cook out foods. A lot of the gang stumble when it comes to these kinds of holidays.

Being by myself, I do not have to worry. I don't cook up that kind of food just for myself. If I was sharing the holidays with others, of course , I would be cooking up all the favorites....just the way it is, isn't it?

Have a terrific day and enjoy Canada day if you are partaking in it!
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    thanks Amy!
    It is so lovely to see you posting again! Hugs! I hope things have turned around for you now, and that Mark is doing better too.

    take care, and god bless
    1718 days ago
    I'm so glad to read that confidence back in your voice!!
    1718 days ago
    Thanks for the chatter Ima! Hope your dinner turned out well! Sounds like you had a nice time enjoying the company of others Makes time pass so quickly, doesn't it?

    Must be nice to live in close proximity to these wells, and springs.
    I think I would like them as much as I do all our lakes (33 of them scattered around the back 40 and in the mountains) and ocean front around here.

    You have a very generous heart to wish the weather your hubby enjoys rather than the weather you prefer! I guess you figured out I am a summer kid if you dont remember that from before...I have never been one to like the winter cold (although, I do enjoy a good snowfall which we rarely see here) But for overall weather, yup sunshine for me, I don't care what temperature it is if the sun is out! Can be cold as blazes, but the sun has a magical power for me, makes me happy and warm, no matter what.

    Confident frame of minds help immensely with any weight loss program, just as positive thinking helps all matters as well. It is, however, a near impossibility to stay with that frame of mind, when dealing with personal weightlosses and weight gains, at least for me! I find it a slippery slope to be on and have to watch myself all week long. Guard against those negative thoughts that send me fleeing like a fox from the hounds!

    ah well, tis life,

    God bless
    1719 days ago
    I am happy to know that you are back on track, Bear. I know, from personal experience, just how frustrating such times can be. emoticon

    Personally, I rather deal with the cooler wet weather than extremely hot days - that to me would be anything over eighty degrees! We have experienced June days when a flip of the heater or lightening a fire in the fireplace was much welcomed.

    My beloved MrV so enjoys the warmer days in the eighties, so if given the choice to choose what the good Lord sends - I would automatically choose temperatures in the eighties - just for his sweet self to enjoy. Now aren't I nice? emoticon

    We spent many a summer day at the lake as youngsters, so I, too, have wonderful "fun in the sun" memories of those times. I especially enjoyed seeing other camp owners & year round folks after the long Winter.

    Just yesterday - I was sharing with our eldest daughter that instead of having an in-ground indoor pool put in at their home, they might want to consider purchasing a summer camp on a lake. Our Grandblessing's other Grandparents own one & the kids have such fun each summer. I think I would opt for the camp, if I were in their position.

    I am with Linda & you in being in that place of enjoying a "confident frame of mind". It is, indeed, a grand place to be. Lets stay there! Okay? emoticon

    I sure do like the idea of ten-percent wiggle room, Bear; however, I best keep mine at five percent - cause I know me too well. emoticon

    I used some of that wiggle room yesterday when we took a day trip to Manitou Springs (quite crowded with tourists this time of year - we stopped at one of the Springs & partook of some vile tasting spring water - it has a lot of iron in it - good for us & refreshingly cold. but not so tasty) & then on up Ute Pass to our Woodland Park - where our friends are blessed to live - one of our all time favorite places to visit. I enjoyed an ice cream cone as we visited over card games & other than that stayed right on track with good choices. See Ima patting herself on the back! emoticon

    On our way up the mountain it started to pour the rain - just like the old proverbial "cats & dogs" type rain. On our way home, we saw where there had been a big rock slide (due to the heavy rain) with huge rocks covering both lanes. Traffic was backed up a good eight miles - both lanes. It was right during the five o'clock rush hour of folks who work down in the city heading home in the beauty of the mountains - as well as, many a tourist. You could tell some were tourists by their vehicles & canoes on their car racks. My cherished MrV said he would guess those poor folks would be tied up in that traffic for a good five hours. I was wishing that we could somehow warn those we saw headed for the traffic tie up, so they could exit & wait out the time somewhere more comfortable. Of course, that was a total impossibility, but, still, I would have if I could have! We decided to exit at Manitou Springs & visit another of the wells - one with a sweet tasting mineral water. However, once down there we were unable to reach the well, because a water main had burst & the roads to the well were blocked off.

    l have to stop this "Ima chatter" & go check on our evening meal.

    God bless!
    1719 days ago
    Lila! I applaud you for your loss and for sticking to your plan outside of your two treat meals

    Remember 90% on track with 10 % wiggle room.......that is my usual rule of thumb and it does work! None of us can be perfect for weeks on end, if we are all truthful, but all of us can apply that to our chosen plans.

    I think you are doing terrific my friend! Keep it up!

    God bless
    1719 days ago
    Good morning, BEar.
    Glad to feel your confidence in being back on track. Yes, I did have the ribs and sausage and salads,and I was going to forego the WI but instead was given a very nice surpirse... I was actually down (just a touch, but with that food and pizza Sunday nite) I interpret that as my exercise and dieting is working, cuz I probably would have been down quite a bit more .... but you gotta live and those opportunities dont' come often enough to just pas them up. Since both were impromptu, couldn't plan that much for them, but I did eat my bag of veggies in the car yesterday as I drove to the BBQ, so I wouldn't be so hungry.

    Don't even know if or where they did fireworks here with the weather. So on track this a.m, strawberies & yogurt, and eggs and veggies - now to get off the computer and get outfitted to do my walk. I walk along a service road to get to the reservoir where I walk, so I use my 1 lb water bottles to do upper arm exercises as I walk along.... haven't noticed the pains in my arms as much, so every little bit helps, doesn't it...

    well, going walking.....later
    1719 days ago
    yes, linda, it would be terrific if we could all just stay there! I am glad you are there right now too!

    have a super day! emoticon
    1720 days ago
  • LGAR519
    You mentioned "confident frame of mind." How I wish I could stay there all the time! Wouldn't it be wonderful. Right now I am there. So glad you are too. Have a happy Holiday!
    1720 days ago
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