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Summing Up My Weekend (With a Pic)

Monday, July 01, 2013

I can’t believe that it is Monday again! At least this is a short-ish week, with Thursday off for the 4th of July. I am going to need a day!

Friday I only got about ten minutes to visit the work picnic. I got a turkey hotdog and a veggie burger, a slice of watermelon, and some free Rita’s Italian ice. I left early to head to the cardiologist’s office. First up was the ECHO – which is a process that I am both fascinated with and loathe. It physically hurts me. I have bruises on my chest from it – I suppose since I was “blessed” with a womanly shape, they have to push around like crazy to get the angles they need on the heart valves. It is neat to see your heart in action on the screen though. Such a simple thing and it does so much for us! After the ECHO, they attached the Holter monitor that I had to wear all weekend. This sums up how I felt about it:

I haven’t been so uncomfortable in a LONG time. I had seven of those things taped all over my front. Between the heat being in the 90’s, their location, and the sticky stuff on them – I ended up ridiculously itchy within 24 hours. I couldn’t sleep at all. I am a side sleeper and forcing me on my back for that long was tough. The cords were everywhere and if one got detached, I would have to do the entire thing over again, so I kept checking them. I was told MANY times that it was a $2,000 device and if anything happened to it I had to pay for it – so I was paranoid. Probably the worst part was that they asked me to push a button and write down every flutter/palpitation thing. Suddenly everyone else became hyper-aware of it. My parents, my bf, and I know they were just concerned, but commenting like “ANOTHER ONE?!” every time. Ugh.

By the time I got to take the Holter off last night, I was nearing a panic attack. I was so itchy and uncomfortable that I had to physically sit on my hands so that I wouldn’t rip it off. My skin is still all broken out from the sticky bits. I really felt like I did not get adequate warning about the process with this thing. Now I know, but I hope to never have to do this ever again! I took it back to the cardiologist’s office this morning and held it out to the front desk like “TAKE IT! TAKE ITTTTT!” I hope they get some time to review it today and get back to me – after all of that, I just want to know what is up.

So I didn’t do too much this weekend. Friday I pretty much read an entire book – “Home” by Julie Andrews. Saturday I went to the mall with my mom and had crabs with my parents for dinner. The mall was interesting – because I couldn’t try anything on. BUT. BUT. BUT. I am VERY proud of myself – I found a $998 purse for $50 at Nordstroms – BAM. It is a black LEATHER Longchamp bag. As I told my mom, it is something I have always seen flipping through Vogue and thought to myself that I would never be able to afford. Now it is mine and I am too paranoid to carry it! I think it will be my special occasion/important job stuff bag. My mom also got me the SOFTEST sweater from Victoria’s Secret PINK. I usually fear that place because of price and sizing, but she found this thing while buying my sister a birthday present and I spent the rest of the weekend cuddled up in it. Saturday night I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower and pinned a bunch of healthy recipes. I love the message of that book and movie – We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve (think about that for a sec!) Yesterday bf and I ran errands and then I FINALLY got to rip off the holter and promptly took a shower and a nap because I hadn’t done either in days.

Then I noticed – my fitbit is dead! I went to check my steps on Saturday from the mall trip and it was dark! I think my battery is dead so I am going to try buying a new one today and attempt that repair first. I got to work today and realized I still clipped it on even though it doesn’t work – lol. At least THAT habit is still happening! But it kind of really bothers me now that my steps aren’t being “tracked” or “counted” – I am really anxious about getting this fixed ASAP!

I am SO glad this is a holiday week. I am taking it easy still until my heart is confirmed not broken, so I will probably just be walking. After seeing how many times I “pushed the button” on my monitor, even BF is worried about me doing anything too strenuous. I think we are going to visit his parents for the holiday, which means less available junk and not as much drinking versus if we went to a party with friends. I think both of us need a quieter day off at home type deal these days anyways!

BF and I are already having talks about moving and his changes. He may be without a gym for the first time in five years so he is worried about that. We are trying to think ahead and prepare for some of the changes so that things don’t fall apart too badly. We know that while moving, our cooking may slide a bit – especially when everything is in boxes. I’m really glad we’re talking this stuff out because it helps me focus too.

I also found edamame hummus to try with cucumbers today. This is oddly exciting to me? “Back in the day” I probably would have been like “YUCK” but look at me now?! I have also been seriously craving a fruit smoothie so I might have to buy some almond milk and make one at home. If you have any fave smoothie recipes, please shoot them my way!
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    So glad you are being checked out- and it is better to know than not... there is a skin protector they can put over your skin to keep you from reacting to the tape of the monitor leads- I have to use it every time or the skin comes off with the tape... and let me tell you that is not attractive.
    1545 days ago
  • SUMMER2203
    ughhh that sounds so uncomfortable!!! keep us posted on the results!! and also, keep me posted on edamame hummus haha, that sounds so good!
    1545 days ago
    whew girl, you have had a crazy couple of days! I am glad you are getting to spoil yourself in the midst of all this and I hope all the news you hear from their office is good!
    1546 days ago
    Awww, so sorry that you had a miserable (but busy) weekend. emoticon I hope you're week is off to a better start now.
    1546 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/2/2013 2:08:14 PM
    I'm glad you got the Holter experience out of the way.I hope they can come back to you with results quickly. Poor girl, it sounds like you were SO ready to give that thing back!
    Wise idea to take things easy until you get word from the doc. Keeping you in prayer. :)
    1546 days ago
    Good thoughts: I hope you hear from the Dr soon!
    1546 days ago
    Ugh, I hate when they stick things on skin - it always peels off an extra layer of skin, I swear! Try some aloe vera on the itcy or burning areas, it will help!

    Hope they figure out what's going on!
    1546 days ago
  • BOSS61
    Alrightly girlie - the $64,000 question - WHY the cardio workup at the Doc? Forgive the generalization, but you are - how shall I say it? - young!

    Hope all is well. Seriously. You know I do.
    1546 days ago
    I didn't realize those holter monitors were such a pain in the butt! Geesh! At least, that parts over and now you can get some answers.

    Perks is my daughter's favorite book/movie. I think she's read it more than 10x and watched the movie just as many. It's such a wonderfully written book and the movie captures it perfectly. On the topic of books, is this "Home" by Julie Andrews, Julie Andrews as in Mary Poppins? I love that lady. How was the book, do you recommend it?

    Also I want a full report on this edamame hummus. I find it intriguing. ;D

    1547 days ago
    You had some full days!
    I know HOLTER can be very uncomfortable, I'm sure it's nothing but it is a good thing that you have it checked so you'll calm down.
    I would love to see a pic with the new bag! What a deal, nice!
    It's a period of change with the BF and the new job, but keep in mind that change is good if it's happening for the right reasons!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1547 days ago
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