Sunday, June 30, 2013

At church this morning I was surprised they had a huge spread of breakfast foods for all the volunteers, casseroles and crockpots and pans of baked French toasts, grape and orange juices, and 3 different bowls of fresh fruit cut up.

After church I went to ALDIs. There is an unrelated radio tower near ALDI's which makes reception on my prepaid phone much better; so I called people in other states in the ALDI's parking lot before leaving. After coming out, and making calls, I eventually realized my laundry deterg was not in the car; and my next step after ALDI's is to go to the laundromat. So I went back in ALDI's and purchased their laundry deterg, Tandil, which is like Wisk or Tide, at least to me, but is only $2.39 for the small size.

As I was leaving ALDI's, the second time, a young man was returning a cart. To my surprise he said hello and called me by name - then I recognized him for the first time. He is the young man who was working at my piddly pay job until he could graduate, because he had a job waiting for him at ASMO, where his dad has worked for several decades, but ASMO requires a high school diploma or GED.

He's the one who told me all about ASMO, $9 per hour for 6 months, then $14 per hour after you make the cut and are hired by the company. ASMO was my first pick out of all the light industrial, non-career jobs. When I visited ASMO last week and the said they weren't accepting applications, I thought I would contact this young man through Facebook and ask if he could get me a ten-minute informational meeting with his dad (or other way to get on there). But I hadn't sent that Facebook message yet.

It was better that I saw him today in person; he asked how the piddly pay job was; and said he is fine now that he doesn't work there, and that he makes $600.00 a week at ASMO (I'm pretty sure that includes OT - OT which I'd be glad to have a chance at . . .). [ I used to earn 65K annually in my professional career, so I'm perfectly aware $600 is not much; however in my situation it would make a world of difference.] There are some months I don't make $600 all month at the piddly pay job. I said I had been to ASMO and tried to apply but they weren't accepting applications. He said he applied through a temp agency and told me which one, and without prompting or me asking he volunteered he'd tell his dad to be watching out for my application . . .

So that's the third networking attempt through the piddly pay job, and I have high hopes for this one, as ASMO is my first choice out of the $9 per hour places to work.

I am sooooo glad I hung out at ALDI's awhile, making calls and eating a sandwich, and am so glad I went back in for laundry detergent, otherwise I would have never run into my former coworker . . . our steps were perfectly matched and timed to run into each other by the Lord.

I finished laundry tonight. I went through some coups while at the laundromat. Not finished yet but got alot of couponing chores done. Tonight I have to take the laundry to ministorage, and unload and reload the car, and clean up in the customer-only bathroom. Which is very convenient for me in my present sitch.

It is a dark, rainy night, the kind when my car won't be as conspicuous and I should be able to get a full night's sleep parked almost anywhere. People tend to mind their own business better when it's rainy.

In the morning I have to
- apply in Sville at the temp agency for ASMO
- then drive to Mville unemployment office to apply for NGK
- ai yi yi I am almost out of gas again and will fill up while I'm there in the cheaper gas market . . .
. . . plus will do all the regular Mon morning stuff . . .
- call all the temp agencies I'm already signed up with,
- look at Indeed and Monster and submit apps online,
- email my résumé to ESC using my associate's boyfriend's name in the cover letter after customizing the résumé ESC's mission statement
- search for real jobs via SIC codes in Hoovers, etc.

There are a couple other companies I'm pursuing, I'll apply at one in person and the other one just changed their temp agency to one I have a previous positive relationship with (in Maryland), so I'll also look up and mapquest their closes office and apply at that temp agency Mon.

If none of these jobs come to anything, then I'm going to the next major town south, between here and Charlotte at the halfway point, and apply at all those temp agencies.

My driver's side mirror keeps falling off my car. I don't understand what changed, other than it's now regularly driving me nuts, so I have to get 3 estimates Mon afternoon. Pronto. Before it falls off while on the highway.

Mon night is Life Group.

Tue-Sat is work at the piddly pay job.

Have a great week my SparkFriends.
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