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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I just got back from a short camping trip. It was too hot and there were tons of mosquitoes (I am allergic to them) so we actually came home after only one night. But i did learn something about myself on the trip.

I purposely brought NO snack items, and only mostly canned goods (so we wouldn't have to do dishes) I brought just enough food to eat for the meals i planned, and no extra. And, sadly, because of that, I was totally bored.

Camping in the past to me meant basically a marathon snack-fest filled with items I normally don't allow myself: chips, cookies, cereal, trail mix, big bags of nuts, soda, and of course S'mores. My husband usually goes fishing, leaving me alone, and I would literally eat all day.

Well, I was determined to not do that this time. And I didn't, which is great, and I give myself a lot of credit and a high five or two for it. I don't mean to discount my success here.(of course, once i was there, I really had no choice, there were no stores around!)

But it was sad, I really didn't have anything else to to do. I didn't feel like reading the books I brought and i didn't bring anything else for me to do (poor planning), and there was no wifi or even cell service, so no internet or SparkPeople. I was totally bored. I never realized how big a place eating had in my trips. It was the only entertainment I had.

I had planned on going for a hike, but it was over 90 and very humid, so no way. We were not near a body of water, so no swimming. I did manage two short walks around the campground to walk the dog, but I got super sweaty and hot. So...mostly i sat around all day and did nothing.

So I guess what I can take away from this experience is that I really need to plan something on my trips that I can entertain myself with when I am alone that doesn't involve food or the internet. And if it is going to be super hot, go somewhere I can swim or stay home.
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    I want to commend you on your revelation. That is a biggie. It is shocking to me that I used food as entertainment before and it was often a side activity to reading or some other form of entertainment. Once I started eating only when I can focus on what I'm doing, I stopped with the out of control snacking desires. I don't eat anything that comes in a big bag anymore, except apples.
    A few nuts go a long, long way. They need to be measured if you're going to use them for snacking.
    1724 days ago
  • SCRAP317
    Isn't that the truth? I am worrying about this exact thing with my beach trip this month - I have fond memories of munching in my beach chair reading books and treating myself to the snacks only I like and usually don't buy. So now what? Munch on carrots and celery? I agree that it will put a damper on my beach experience if I don't plan ahead now on something new and delicious I can substitute. I won't go cold turkey like you did - no wonder you were bored! I will go to Trader Joes and see what I can pick up that would be "better" choices for munching - like the flaxseed chips or brown rice crackers instead of my usual Combos or Pringles. Nuts are also a good yummy choice. Thanks for your blog - it sure gave me something to think about!
    1724 days ago
    I would probably have been the same way. If it's hot then I end up cooped up inside. I would go somewhere with water. I think that would help.
    1725 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    You learned more than you think you did... oh my gosh - such a HUGE revelation for you! ... " I never realized how big a place eating had in my trips. It was the only entertainment I had."

    Way to do the hard and important work!

    1725 days ago
  • MARIANNE9855
    Funny thing you noticed that- my girlfriend wants me to come up and spend a night at her camp and one of the first things I thought about was- "yeah, I bet I could have real somores" which I really miss from, when I was a girl scout. I think I will still have some if I go because I don't ever have them any other time. But I would get sick of being alone in too hot to do anything weather. I love to read but when there is nothing else to do- I get sick of it quick.

    Better planning next time and maybe some healthy trail mix to go with you emoticon
    1725 days ago
    Well, great job planning your eating, anyway!! Hopefully your next camping trip is better.
    1725 days ago
    For me, camping means veggie kabobs and little tin-foil packets of fish and veggies, and snacks of fresh fruit, plus a few marshmallows at night, around the campfire. also turkey weiners which everyone roasts for themselves, on sticks.

    It also means hiking and playing catch and Frisbee, and I usually take colored pencils and paper to sketch, and a book to read. I love camping. Your husband's a butt to leave you all alone all day. I wish I could take you with US so you could see all the non-food fun that camping can be. =(
    I don't like to camp in hot weather much though, fall and spring are much better.
    1725 days ago
    Wow, can I realte to you with this post!! Camping is ll about food prep. I love cooking over the fire etc. We barely get one meal cleaned up and it's time for the next one!

    We have a trip planned in a few weeks. I still have time to rethink the food thing. Thanks for this post!
    1725 days ago
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