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Almost giddy...... =D

Sunday, June 30, 2013

So it's June 30th. The end of the month. 30 days after I swore something was going to change... well..... something did. =)

I did my usual hop on the scale thing this morning, really looking forward to seeing SOMETHING.... just not sure what. Correction.... sure what.... a definately change from June 1st.

June for me has been a month of hard work, dedication, challenges and successes. Yup, there have been some failures in there as well. =) But today marks the 30th day of posting and blogging and tracking food and exercise and getting off my butt and going to curves even when I didn't want to. It marks a month of making good choices for me, and rolling with any unexpected changes. Probably the biggest thing contributing would be the Curves factor. I get a workout there that I have not been able to find any other way. That 30 seconds at a time is incredible. The effect it can have on my body. My mind. =) They do Zumba there.... I asked how it was done. Instead of 30 seconds on a machine, they do a minute. then a minute on the recovery boards doing zumba type moves or something. (These are little boards so they don't go far...) This is what they do for half an hour.... or more. YIKES. Some days I don't know that I can do one more second on that machine before the lady says... move to the next station. =) So Zumba is in my not so near future. =) And that's ok. Today, to celebrate, I want to get in my truck and go to a trail and find a place to walk. I'll go as far as my knee will allow. I WILL wear my braces and my walking shoes. I will dress for the weather. I will take my new mp3 that is loaded with up tempo music to keep step to. I will not take any expectations as they tend to be what can really derail me. But that will do two things. First, it will get me moving and some exercise in, even if it's not as intense. Second, it will get me out into the fresh air and sunshine. Third, hopefully it will inspire me to keep MOVING!!!! To keep up the intensity for another month. This could be the summer that changes everything!!! I sure hope so!!! =)

Oh, btw... if the scale holds where it was today... that would be a 21 lb loss for June. =) 5.93% of my body weight. That, I will take. =)

Have a fantastic Sunday!!!
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